Dialation And The Epidural

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Ashley86 - October 25

I'm having my first internal on Tuesday (I REALLY HOPE MAYBE I'M AT LEAST A CM!) I'll be 36 wks that day. My question though is, if I get to 3 before 40 wks for some reason will they check me in and maybe induce do you guys think? Cuz I hear once you're 4 cm or something they won't give you an epidural and I don't wanna miss my chance for an epi (no one preach to me the risks or ethics of an epi...I'm 35.2 right now...I've had plenty of time to read up on it and my mind is made up on the epi...I will of course try to go natural but if I can't take it I'm opting for an epi. Anywho do you think they will admit me if for some odd reason I get to 3 before active labor?


DaBonkElsMe - October 25

I am not sure, so don't quote me, but I do not think they will check you in, unless you are having contractions. Different doctors will induce for different reasons, so it may depend on your doctor. Also, I think that most doctors wait until you are 4 or ecen 5 cm to GIVE the epi, so that it will not slow down your progress. You should ask your doctor if there is any point at which you could "miss your chance" for an epi. Going by my SIL, she was 2 cm dialted for 8 days before labor started, and she got her epi as soon as they admitted her, if I rememebr correctly she was 4 cm at that point.


jeni23 - October 25

I got my Epi when I was 7 cm,I wouldnt have ever gotten it if I woulda progressed faster,I stayed at 7 for 3 hours!!!and i was in labor for 23 hours total!!


DDT - October 25

I don't think so. You don't HAVE to be at 4cm to get your epi. I got my epi at 4cm.


DDT - October 25

sorry *HAVE to be below 4cm


DDT - October 25

BTW once I got my epi I dilated faster then I was pre-epi. I took me 12hrs to get to 4cm and then 4hrs to get to 10cm.


AngelinLuv - October 28

In our labor & birth cla__s, they told us the epi is normally given when Mom is 4-7 cm dilated and in a good active labor pattern(good contractions, etc).


AmberNicole - October 28

My water had broken, but I wasn't even dilated to 1cm, and they gave me my epidural after only a few hours in L&D. Each situation is different. I do think you can opt for the epidural until around 9cm.


claire83 - October 28

i was at 3cms with my second child for a week that i know of and they didnt induce me


Ashley86 - October 28

well that's good. I was so worried that I would be "past the point of epidural" before even having a chance!


mrose - November 1

I could be wrong, but from my understanding, they won't give you an epi until you are atleast 4cm, and after you are 8 they will not give you one, but i think any time between 4 and 8 they'll give it.



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