Diaper Pail Vs Diaper Genie

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cl - September 23

Does anyone think the Diaper Genie (or equivalent) is worth the almost $30 plus cost of refills? Or is a regular diaper pail just as good? I have chosen to go with a diaper pail with deodorized bags. Several of my friends said they never used their Diaper Genies and it was a waste of money. We are due late October.


Jl - September 23

I just got the diaper genie. I have a friend that had a baby last October and she swears by it...I don't have any experience with either, but I'm thinking that the genie will be pretty hastle free, since it wraps each diaper off individually and then you when you're ready to dump it, it's basically done for you. I looked at diaper pails too, but chose the genie just because it looked a little more convenient and really only cost $10.00-$15.00 more than the pail. I guess that's the same philosophy I used with bottles - I decided to go with the Playtex Nursers with the disposable liners (for when I'm not b___st feeding) because they seem like more convenience and less mess. But, I'm sure anything will work. Good luck!


Ruth - September 23

I will be using the Diaper Genie. My understanding from other moms I know (this will be my first, so I don't have experience) is that the diaper genie wraps off each individual diaper, whereas the pail is just a bunch of diapers piled on top of eachother. So, the diaper genie gets rid of the smell whereas a pale just smells like a diaper landfill. Also, I have bought some replacement refills just to stalk up before baby comes and they were $14.99 for 3 refills. I'm not sure where you went and it cost $30, but try walmart that where I got them for $14.99.


me, myself and I - September 23

I used one for a while, i actually hated it. It was ok for the smell, but it didn't get rid of it completely. I found it was WAY more work than just throwing it in the garbage and taking the garbage out every day. I would have a baby in one hand (can't leave them on the change table right?) and the lid would be impossible to get off. You have to push down on the b___ton while pulling up on the lid at the same time.. then you have to actually PUSH the diaper down past these claw things, which is really really gross when it's full of poop that didn't stay in the diaper when it was on your kid, so of course it won't stay in while your squishing it down.. GAG. Then you have to turn the thingy that ties off that individual diaper. It was just so much work and i was tired of getting a fist full of poop. I went out and got a diaper pail with a lid that seals and it doesn't smell unless the lid is off and i like it WAY better.


Ruth - September 23

Wow, sounds like the genie could suck pretty bad.


Jennifer - September 23

I didnt want to use the diaper genie at first because the refills are 5 bucks a piece but my roommates just had their baby 2 months ago and are using a diaper genie. Trust me that refill lasts a lonnnng time. They still havent had to put a 2nd one in it. You just cut the bag and tie it off and toss that part out. There's plenty of bag in there to hold lots of diapers trust me. I dont know anything about the diaper pails tho.


michele - September 23

I was going to get the diaper champ because you can use any bag.but my sister in law said it was the worst does not seal the smell.she instead got diaper neat frm babies r us alittle cheaper than the genie but she said its great!


Shelly - September 25

I had my baby almost 7 weeks ago and i looooove my DIAPER GENIE!!! I actually use it different than instructions.I put the wet diapers in and "push" them through (first time tie a knot),with a smelly dirty diaper i also push it through and then twist to lock out the smell but i never use the cutter.When its full;and that takes several days i cut it and tie another knot,empty it and start all over again.I would not use a different brand,besides that i really like playtex products, just like a really like fisher price toys.today i bought the "ocean wonders" mobile with music and it lights up on the ceiling etc and my baby loooves it.He started laughing and "cooing".I know it has nothing to do with the diaper genie,but i thought i'll share,its one of my best investments and really advice all the mommie's (to be) to get one.Oh and the refills for the D/G last FOREVER!!!


Hope This Helps.. - October 1

Honestly, I have the diaper genie and my bro has the diaper champ (they had triplets), and we both agreed, it's just easier to by a bulk bag of ziploc bags and dispose of the diapers that way. The "sausage" that you pull out of the diaper genie is just straight up nasty and it kills us having to spend $5+ on refills and when you don't happen to have the refill, you'd probably have to use a plastic bad anyway. But to each their own. Some people like it, but personally I don't. Good luck to you in what you decide.


Barb - October 1

I have a diaper champ and it seems like it will work great...it uses the plastic grocery bags instead of buying fillers, which is great...and you only need 1 hand to flip the lid....other moms that have it that I know really like it..hope that helps :)


kris10 - October 1

I hate, hate, hated my diaper genie. I agree with another poster - I use individual bags for the poopy diapers. You can get "diaper sacks" - about 50 for 2 dollars at walmart/grocery stores/ pharmacies.. and they are sented with baby powder. We think they work great.


Melissa - October 1

I have the Diaper Dekor and registered for this one over the others since I know many who have tried all of them and said that the Diaper Dekor is far and away the best. The refills are around 20. and I hear that most people can get by with only one pack of refills for at least the first six months, if not longer.


? - October 2

Had one, but used the outside trash instead.


? - October 2

I used plastic store bags (free) to tie them off in before tossing them out.


Tiffany - October 2

I also have the diaper dekor...I haven't got to use it yet but I purchased it because my friend loves it. She didn't have to change her refill til her baby was 4 months old. But from what I hear it is a lot better than the Genie!


MJM - October 3

I just saved all of my plastic bags from the grocery store, and even snagged a couple extra, and after changing the diaper went in the bag, I tied it and took it to the trash in the garage. The "refills" are free and no funky contraption that does not eliminate the odors to mess with.


hi - October 3

I have heard the genie does suck really bad. As a tip they are always readily available at garage sales.



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