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Nurs2b21 - October 13

For those of you who have had babies already I was wondering how long I will be able to use the Newborn size diapers....people are buying us tons of diapers and I don't want too many of the same size 'cause I didn't know how fast they grow out of them....any advice? Also with clothes....should I buy more 0-3 months than newborn?


January - October 13

usually 0-3mo is considered newborn.. both are good USUALLY til 12lbs. Sometimes less depending on the style. As for diapers.. newborn diapers are probably what you will use the least of.. depending on the size of your baby at birth.. usually just a couple of weeks.


babylove4 - October 13

HI nurs2b21, Maybe I can help, I will be over here in the 3rd tri pretty soon, expecting my 4 th baby. I only got a few newborn cloths at my baby shower, I didn't really buy any myself, they just grow so fast the first couple on months, but i did buy 0-3 mnts, they last a little longer, as far as the diapers go same thing, newborn are so tiny, But remember it all depends on the size of your newborn too, all of my last experiences, my last 3 kids were 9pds.6onc & 8.1 & 8.6, So were talking big babies oh ya & they were all longer then 21 inc., So it all depends....Hope that helped some ( blessing 2 ya)


corbin289 - October 13

Both of my kids were the newborn diapers for about a week. They were 9lbs and 9.6lbs so like everyone said it depends on the size of your baby.


Nurs2b21 - October 14

Okay thanks! whats the next size in a diaper?


Brendansmom - October 14

The next size diaper is size 1. As for newborn outfits, there is a difference between newborn and 0-3 months. Newborn are usually sized 5-8lbs. So if you have a smaller baby you might need some of these for a few weeks. When you get near the end your Dr. should be able to give you an idea of how big the baby is. My Dr. was dead on with her prediction. Good luck.


ahay - October 14

Personally--if I got a alot of newborn diapers I would take all but like 3 packs back because they aernt in them that long. Besides that--MOST hospitals will give you some while you are there.


Nurs2b21 - October 14

Okay thanks!


TiffanyRae - October 14

My little one wore Newborns for about a week...he was 9 pounds at birth...then size 1 for about two weeks and now he is on size two's and he is 8 weeks. He will stay in 2's for awhle I think!


c_baer19 - October 14

My baby girl was 7 pounds, 4 oz., which is average - and I went through at least a few packs of newborn diapers before switching to size 1's. We're in size 2's now, and she's 2 1/2 months old - we've been in size 2's for only a few weeks. She's 12 pounds, 8 oz. now. As for clothes, she also wore her newborn clothes for awhile (and I prefered it actually, so she wasn't swimming in her clothes) and we just started switching her to 3-6 months clothes from 0-3, although she can still wear the 0-3, they're just getting tighter.


DaBonkElsMe - October 14

every baby is different so it's really hard to say. My brother's baby was into size 3 months and out of newborn diapers within about a week!! She barely wore most of her newborn stuff!! But my good friend's lo wore newborn for just over a month!


sfrog68 - October 14

My dd is 6 wks tomorrow and she is still in size newborn. She was only 5lbs 15oz at birth and is now right at 8lbs. She started out in premie clothes and is now in newborns so it really depends on the baby.



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