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Jessica - December 31

I was just wondering if it's a good idea to use cloth diapers? Would it be alot less expensive or is it not as good as using regular diapers? Also on average, how many diapers do you go through per week and how much does it cost you? Thank you. :)


just a mom - December 31

its cheaper to use cloth but they wet though them all the time and you have to be doing alot of laundry. they have cheap dipers out there you could us them. some are like 5 dollors for newborns but i use huggies cause mine cant use them.


Anon - January 1

I went diaper shopping yesterday, I found that luv's are cheap and I have read from other women that they work really well. I need to go to wal mart and maybe get their offbrand diaper that is probably a little cheaper to test it out. As far as cloth diapers, I have heard the same thing that they wet through them like crazy and you will be consumed with laundry. But if you dont mind doing laundry, sure they are a cheaper way =)


Jenn - January 1

My son used to wet through everything, but Luvs work great! I used them for my daughter, too, and she was allergic to everything else. Plus, they cost less than most others.


Jam - January 19

I use cloth on my 2 (soon 3) boys. I have about 25 diapers and wash one load every other day. I put an extra insert in whenever I think it'll be a while before I can change them (like over night) Not much problem with wetting through, unless I get side tracked. If you start out with cloth, you don't notice anymore work.


cloth diapers - March 12

In the long run it is much cheaper to use cloth diapers. If you buy them used - on ebay or at a second hand clothing store - they will be even less expensive. A really good article on cloth diapering can be found here: http://www.mothering.com/articles/new_baby/diapers/crazy-for-cloth.html


PP - March 12

Those of you who are saying it is cheaper are you accounting for your time and utilities used when washing them. I found that it was more expensive or the same where I live to use cloth diapers by the time I washed them and dried them and all the clothes that got wet. Also it was very inconvienent when you are out shopping etc. Just a thought but in the DC area utilities are very expensive and that does make a difference.


Melissa - March 12

There are hundreds of websites on cloth diapers! You will save money, even with washing and drying considered. I personally use cloth with a diaper service. The more kids you have in diapers the more a diaper service can save you money. You get a huge discount for the 2nd and subsequent child. They deliver sterilized cloth diapers to your doors, you don't even have to rinse them you just put them in a diaper pail and at the end of the week put the bag of dirties out on your porch and they pick them up and deliever new ones! You can't beat it. If you are diapering only one child, it is a little bit cheaper than disposables. But, you have to take into consideration that it is soooo much better for the environment.


Monica - March 12

Luvs are great. Pampers are little more expensive and are also really good. I have found that most of the other diapers leak really bad. And cloth diapers are just a mess.


Jenn - March 13

Try a wholesaler such as Sams. You have to buy a huge box, but its a great deal. Diapers get used up suprisingly quickly anyhow.


kashi - March 13

all i say is LANDFILLS! that should be reason enough to use cloth diapers. but that's just me...



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