Did Anyone S Doc NOT Do A Internal At 36 37 Weeks

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Jenn2 - May 16

I just went to my doc appt today ( I am 2 days shy of being a full 37 weeks). My doctor has not done an internal on me yet! I did not ask this time b/c I know its not a critical thing to have done, and it usually doesn't determine anything, but I was shocked not to have it done b/c everyone I read about on this forum starts getting them at 36 weeks.


melanie - May 16

I am going to be 37 weeks this thursday and still have not had one. When I go to my appointments, I only see the nurse. All she does is make me pee in a cup and check the heartbeat for literally 2 seconds and then then tells me everything looks good. She has never measured my stomach, never checked to see if she is head down, half the time doesn't check my bp. and she said she doesn't think she will do the gbs test on me. I am seriously considering changing doctors, since I have never even seen mine yet. I swear to you from the minute I get into the exam room for my appts, I am there about 3 minutes. never asks if baby is kicking or anything. So I seriously doubt that I will get an internal.


junemommytobe - May 16

Jenn2, I was thinking the same thing. I am in my 37th weeks and my dr said yesterday that he is doing an internal next Tuesday. I was reading everyone on this board had them done earlier and it had me worried too.


junemommytobe - May 16

Melanie, It is so important that they measure your belly, take your bp, and that they check the babies position. My dr does that everytime I go. I would be concerned.


Heather W - May 16

I was wondering about that too...I asked my dr if he was doing one at my 36 week check up...and"oh ya we need to check you for Group B Strep between 35 and 37 weeks" was his answer. And then at my 37 week check up he didn't check...Yesterday I lost my mucus plug and so my 38 week check up I'm sure will. But I was concerned in my week 30's because alot of women on this forum were having them, and I wasn't.


pbj - May 16

I don't think my doc did one til 38 weeks. He/She may not do one at 37 weeks unless you have an indication that you may soon go into labor. Melanie, I agree that your doc should be measuring the height of the fundus and at this point should have checked to see if your LO is head down. Since you are unfortunately already 37 weeks, I don't think you should switch now. I would call and seriously complain to the doctor. I understand they send the nurse in to do a lot of the check ups and usually that is fine, but she sounds like an incompetant jerk. Maybe if there's another nurse in the office you can see on your next visit. Sorry to hear you have such a c___p a__s doctor and nurse.


Jenn2 - May 16

thats the other thing my doc has not done. He has not checked the position of my baby? how do they do that?


Allie - May 16

I asked my dr at my last appt (34 weeks) and was told they wouldn't do an internal until 37 weeks, b/c "most women wont start dialating before then anyways" - don't know how true that is, but I suppose without any signs of it there is no reason to check (especially since you can be dialated to 1 for weeks w/out any progress). At each appt the nurse checks my urine, weight and bp, then the dr checks babies hb, fundal height and position. At my last appt they even did a quick ultrasound b/c the dr had trouble feeling the babies position (not my usual dr, it was his partner - my dr never seems to have any problem). My dr. can seem to tell the babies position by barely touching my stomach (this other dr. was pressing pretty hard and couldn't feel the head). They didn't start checking the babies posiiton until 32 weeks, but fundal height was started @ 20 weeks, and the rest has been throughout the entire pregancy. At my next appt (36 weeks) they are doing the GBS, and then the following week it sounds like internals will start (I start weekly appt's after my 36 week check-up).


melanie - May 16

with my last pregnacy 2 years ago I had twins and made it to 38 weeks with not one problem, so the nurse keep saying there is no reason this time to believe anything would be wrong. I even had to beg for a 20 week ultrasound. The Dr. Is great it's just her nurse that doesn't do anything. I know the baby is head down, because I can feel her feet under my ribs and I have to measure myself, and go to the local drug store every week or more to check my bp my self. I pretty much had to learn everything online. Which doesn't make sence since my insurance is paying them not me. Oh and I never got a pap test and I have skipped about half of my appoinments because I can do what she does. I mean why am I going to waist half a tank of gas and a 45 minute drive just for her to check the babies heartbeat for 2 second? How can she tell if anything is wrong. Aren't they supposed to listen to the heartbeat for half a minute or a minute to see what the rate is? I don't think you can tell just by 2 seconds and I am not exagerating when I say 2 seconds.


Ba8y6irl - May 16

my doc didnt either, he says that there is no need until 39 -40 weeks, unless there are dramatic reasons why... I ended up getting one last week at 38 cuz I was having contractions 15-20 min apart for a day or so... he said is raises the risk of infection so there is no need unless necessary.


Been There - May 16

I have to say that although I can understand your concern about the internal exam, I personally will be most glad to skip it. I just figure that whether they check it or not, when I go into labor, I go into labor. They can check me then. But you do have an issue if you're not getting the proper exam at your appoinments. Melanie, you may like your doctor, but if he/she is great, shouldn't he/she make sure you're being treated properly? You pay for your doctor to take care of you, so your doctor should be measuring and asking questions. Why is the nurse doing all the work? My practice has a nurse practioner along with the other doctors. But she is cracker jack and nothing gets by her. Is it too late to get a new doctor? You should complain because you're paying for a DOCTOR's care, not a nurse's care. Plus, they will bill one set amount no matter what appointments you miss. So they are getting paid whether you come or not. Get your money's worth if you can. Good luck.


HannahBaby - May 16

Wow melanie your doctor/nurse sucks!! I cant believe that you havent seen a doctor!! I always see a doctor or a midwife, and at 35 weeks you HAVE to see the doctors and they do internals, measure, listen to heart beat for rate, talk about kicking etc. I feel bad for you cause i know what its like to feel rushed in the drs office. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy


melanie - May 16

Jenn2 I am sorry I jumped onto your thread like I did. but I want to thank you ladys, I got up the courage to call my Dr. I had a little help from my twins. they got on my last nerve and I sent them to their room and got on the phone steamed. I demanded to talk to the Dr. I was not willing to leave a message, so I waited for her to finish up with her patient, and I explained to her my situation. She grabbed my chart and was amazed that NOTHING had been recordd in my chart since day one. Nothing, not even weight. She was very sorry and said I don't have to see the nurse anymore and even asked the nurse while I waqs on the phone where was she recording everything, and the nurse said she must have forgotten. well the Doc was not happy at all and apologized and I think the nurse is going to get fired, Hehehe. I am so glad. and I also get some of my money back because they had me pay all of my half at the first appointment and the tubal that I am going to get is going to be free. I am so happy I finally spoke up and don't have to see that witch again. I just wish I had done it earlier.


Lindsey - May 16

Hi, I don't know if it different in the US, but I live in the UK and I don't get an internal until week 38.


HannahBaby - May 16

you go girl!! Good job melanie!!


Tillie - May 16

Yay Melanie! I was all fired up reading your posts here--AWFUL nurse you've been dealing with! She should definitely be fired, and you should only see your doctor from here on out. So great to hear your doctor really cared!


melanie - May 16

Thanks. I am not really one to speak up because I am a very quiet person, but aftre spending the day at home with my 2 year old twins in the heat I just had it and gave them a call because I knew once I calmed down I wouldn't have the nerve to ever say anything. I guess next time I need to speak up about something I'll let my kids irritate me all day so I have the courage to say something. LOL. My insurance also called me because I guess the Dr. called them to talk about them paying for my appoinments and she is reimbursing them also because she felt so bad. Well she didn;t tell them it was because she felt bad but I think she knew nobody should have been paid for the kind of service I recieved. So she said I had to have the gbs test and an internal at my next appt, along with baby measurments and all that good stuff. I just can't wait to have my baby so I don't have to deal with this ever again.



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