Did Anyone Stay Small Thru Their Preg

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J - October 12

I'm 37 weeks and though I've gained 28 pounds and am showing, I'm really pretty small. My dr said things are fine, but recommended an ultrasound next week, just to see what's going on in there. Since I'm pet_te, she said I may have a small baby (though my husband is big). Another cause can be lack of amniotic fluid, though my baby moves around alot, so she didn't think it was that. Of course, I started reading up on lack of fluid, which can cause all sorts of problems and totally freaked me out. I have to wait 6 days for this ultrasound, and it's stressing me out. Just wondered if anyone else has had any similar experiences.


N - October 12

That's almost exactly what happened to me with my first baby. I was 110lbs to start and only gained about 30 through my pregnancy. At about 35 weeks they ordered an ultrasound to check the fluid.. They said it was low, but still within the range of normal. My baby still moved around lots and was completely healthy, the only concern they had was that because I am so little they didn't feel the baby had enough room to grow. I had a follow up ultrasound at 37 weeks that said he was getting taller, but he wasn't gaining weight (they even told me I would be lucky if he was over 5lbs at birth). By 39 weeks my fundal height was only about 34cm. I had non-stress tests every day for the last week of my pregnancy, and even though they all came back good, they induced me on my due date. He was 6lbs even. From what they told me everything should be fine. If the amniotic fluid has been low for a long time or you are leaking fluid, there could be problems, but if they are just considering it now, there shouldn't be any problems and if it is very low, you are far enough along to induce. Drink lots of water and keep your feet up.


rae - October 12

im at 30 weeks and ive gained 15 lbs. (approx.) since i became pregnant. everyone says its okay, and that im right on track, but that i should be gaining a lot soon. i think im showing, but a lot of people i work with/people who come into my work have no clue. i had one lady who is due 2 months after me come in and she was twice my size. she said she would have never known if i hadnt said anything.... good luck with your u/s. im sure everything is fine. sometimes women just stay small, and i guess thats a good thing for us, even though it can be frustrating. keep us updated...


j - October 12

N, Thanks so much for the detailed info. No leaking amnio fluid and the baby moves regularly, and at the 20 wk ultrasound, everything looked on track. The dr wasn't alarmed and suggested I'd prob have a small baby; It was just the sudden, "you're really quite small" comment that threw me for a loop. I've been very active physically thru out the preg (and was so before hand) which prob plays a role. To be honest, part of my problem is that this preg has been so easy..i really hate to say that and i'm not gloating...it's just that now I start to think, this is going too smoothly, I'm supposed to be plagued w/heart burn, or back pain, or fluid retention, or discomfort, etc,... and I'm not, so something must be wrong! (which i know sounds silly.).


mariah - October 12

I am small too. I'm a small person anyways and I did gain a good amount of weight. about 25 pounds and I'm over 39 weeks now. people would always say wow you are so small. I just think that they were trying to be polite though. As long as your messurements are good than enjoy being small.


Julie - October 12

I am very small 5'2" and 100 lbs. prepregnancy with my son I gained a whopping 50 lbs. This time I have gained around 35. Every tells me I look small but I feel like a whale. Dr. says everything is perfect I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago (38 weeks) and the baby already weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. My husband is really tall and big also. My son weighted 6 lbs. 14 oz. I am sure you are going to be fine!



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