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Beth - November 28

I am 30 weeks and I *think* I felt a couple new things this weekend but I am unsure. Yesterday I think I felt my baby have hiccups for the first time. But I only felt it really low (really low) in my belly and to the left. It was very rhythmic (like a heartbeat) and lasted for a few minutes. Was that hiccups? Then this morning I was excersizing and I think I felt my first braxton hicks contraction. It was also very low (centered on my belly right above my crotch) and it felt like a cramp but kinda sharp pain. So I sat down (cuz I learned you are supposed to do the opposite of what you are doing) and it went right away. Was that bh?


Annette - November 28

Beth, that was hiccups!!! I just felt them this week for the first time, in the beggining I was not sure what was happening but then I knew I could not be wrong. Aren´t they cute?


susie - November 29

When i was pregnant with my son he had the hiccups all the time and i mean alot of the time, it was cute but got annoying after awhile haha, but he is 3weeks old nw and he still continues to have the hiccups alot its really cute haha


Beth - November 29

Yeah I loved feeling the hiccups but why was it only in that one area? Is that where his head is?


Jennifer - November 29

That was definitley the hiccups. My baby boy has them all the time 2-3 times daily. They feel like little rythmic pulses, sometimes mine are on the left and sometimes the right according to how he is lying, but always down low. I also have Braxton Hicks frequently. Not sure if that is what you are describing. Mine feel like an all over tightening of my uterus from top to bottom. So it is not just down low but the whole abdomen tightens and gets hard as a rock. Also the Braxton Hicks will make you have to pee imediatly! Like you can't hold it.


E - November 30

My baby boy also seems to have hiccups all the time...very cute but can start to get annoying---he,he,he..glad im not the only one feeling this way..susie



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