Did I Misunderstand About Drinking Water

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dwc - January 13

I just got off the phone with the nurse, I just had a general question about comfort measures and she restated that I should be drinking 4 glasses of water in an hour, every hour.... I can barely get a bottle of water down in an hour. I sure can't drink 2 bottles in an hour and now I see why you all pee soo much, LOL. Could I have misunderstood that or is that a normal amount? I know I have not been drinking that much in an hour. Now I understand why most of the women state they feel like they will float away soon... Please tell me I misunderstood something.


Kel - January 13

Gosh, that seems like a lot! I have never heard that. I just keep my water bottle handy at work and just make sure to drink as much as I can throughout the day. I think I would throw up if I had to drnnk that much though!


Ginny - January 13

I have never heard that! Maybe she mis-spoke and meant 4 ounces an hour? I've been told that you should have the regular recomended amount a day (64 oz) plus more if you are more thirsty. I've also heard that it's NOT good to overdrink, because it can backwash into your kidneys, or something? Maybe someone else has more info. Anybody?


sarahlorrain - January 13

4 gla__ses of water an hour??? She HAD to have meant 4 oz. If you drink to much, it is very dangerous, and can even kill you. Ok, I got out my calulator, after I read Ginny's post. If you figure with 24 hours in a day, and you should be sleeping for about 8 of them..then that leaves 16 hours you are up. If you divide 64 oz by 16 hours, you get 4 oz an hour; so I bet that's what she mean to say. And 4 oz is practically nothing! I keep a gla__s of ice water on my kitchen counter (a pretty central location in my house) and when ever I walk by it I take a drink. It's working great to keep me from getting dehydrated.


JennyC - January 13

Wow, that's a lot! I've heard 64oz minimum everyday. I have a 32 oz botte and I just make sure I fill it up at least 2x a day. Surely there was a miscommunication about the 4 gla__ses an hour.


izzy1052 - January 13

hmm... maybe she/he has her reasons... i ended up in the hospital for severe dehydration so just be safe and drink as much as you can... but i think that 4 gla__ses/hr is a bit much...


Annette - January 13

check with her again... or with the doctor directly. It sounds like too much water to me. I was drinking 3 liters of water a day and damaged my kidneys and bladder.


dwc - January 13

Ok thanks guys, I was mistaken, I did misunderstand her, LOL, I blame the pregnancy. It was at least 4 ozs in an hour. I am sooo sorry for the confusion.


sarahlorrain - January 13

LOL, that's okay, we have preggo brain too.


izzy1052 - January 13

geez... poor preggos... were frumpy, cranky, clumsy and forgettful...



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