Did My Water Just Break

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Rachel - January 8

Ok, here's what happened, I was laying on the couch with my husband and all of a sudden I felt wet, so I went to the bathroom and my undies were all wet, it wasn't like discharge or pee or anything, it was weird. I still feel a little damp, I wanna go to the hospital, but I'd hate for them to all laugh at me cuz I'm there again (I went two weeks ago cuz I was bleeding a little). Please answer, I don't know what to do.


Meredith - January 8

Usually you will feel some pain before your water breaks. Both times I was pregnant, I was already in labor before my water broke. Actually now that I am thinking about it, it was an unmistakable thing when it happened. It felt like something burst (not pain) and fluid rushed out. I never had to clean it up so i dont know how much it was, but it felt like a lot. Your couch would probably be wet.


Emy - January 8

I have heard that if you keep feeling it leak it could be your fluid. But if you just felt wet once and then nothing maybe it is just urine. What does it feel like?


Emy - January 8

I meant to say "smell like?" not feel like. Does it smell sweet or more like urine?


Michelle - January 8

When I went into labour I never had no symptoms at all, the only one I had was that my water broke. If you are unsure go to the hospital. Better to be safe than sorry and best of luck!


Anne - January 8

Usually when your water breaks you will know it. It's a huge gush.... USUALLY. Sometimes it does seep though,


a bird - January 8

I was with a woman when her water broke. She had no other signs of labor before that. We were playing a board game, & when she stood up to go get something, a few drops of plain clear fluid dropped to the floor (she was in a pajama shirt). She called the doc to see if that's what it was, & he said yes & told her to go to the hospital soon. This is not a diagnosis for anyone, of course. Every woman & pregnancy is different.


K - January 9

When a friend of mine's water broke, she actually thought she peed her pants because it was such a small amount. She laughed....she wasn't in any pain (at that time), but when she started to leak a little more, she headed to the hospital. I hear not everyone is a "gush" of water.


L - January 9

I read in "what to expect when you are expecting" that you'll actually have more leakage while laying down then if sitting or standing. The reason being that the placenta shifts and acts like a cork when you are upright.


andrea - January 9

I woke up to wet pants one morning. Didn't know for sure so I sat around the house. When I would raise my legs to put on undies/jeans little bits of fluid would trickle down my leg. After hours of this I decided to go the emergency room. I was feeling no pain. NONE. Sure enough, they checked my undies-yes, I brought the wet ones in, and it was my water breaking. WOW, it was exciting. If I were you, I would definately go to the hospital-how far along are you?let us know. good luck.


MARIE - January 9

when my water broke i couldnt really tell because it broke at the top of my stomach. so it just leaked out every once and a while. Also i didn't start having contractions until about 2 hours after it broke. then about 5 hours after the rest of the membrane broke.


Chris - January 10

You can get checked and then you'll know for sure. If you are leaking it is possible to get an infection. I say better safe than sorry. Then you won't be sitting there worrying.



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