Did My WATER Just Break Need HELP

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Dia_ - May 12

Hi ladies! Okay, I am 35.4 weeks and I am a first time mommy. I was on the potty attempting a BM and I felt a slight pop and then I felt really wet. However, I had just urinated. I have also been having really bad bladder incontinence since second tri. I am unsure if my water has broken and really do not want to spend time in L&D if I just peed myself :) However, I do feel like it may have broken as I feel like I am constantly leaking...but maybe it is all in my head?? Any help you guys can offer while I finish packing my bags??? Thank you!!


Steph - May 12

If your water did break, you would have a slight trickling down your legs and your underware would be wet as well. I'd wait a little bit longer and see if you have any leaking. Amniotic fluid is kind of a strawberrish blondish color (from what I've read) so you may also be able to tell from that. If your dry and don't have any issues, I'd say it hasn't broken, but you may want to call your doc's office anyways and they may want to see you. Good luck! :o)


pbj - May 12

From what I was told before I had my dd, put a pad in your undies, if it is full or almost full within a hour more than likely your water did break. Also, if you feel really wet after a few minutes maybe you should (I know this sound gross), smell the pad to see if it smells like urine.


Heather - May 12

Hi Dia, If you think your water broke at all please call your doctor immediately. I don't want freak you out by any means but it is always better to be safe than sorry... I was 35 weeks to the day when my water broke. I did what pbj mentioned and smelled it. It didn't have any odor so I knew it wasn't pee. It also was completely colorless - clear as crystal. And it didn't leak constantly. It would come out just a little bit at a time. I would get it checked to be on the safe side.


Chrissy - May 12

Better go in to be safe. I have had friends that have felt a pop too when their water broke. Be safe!


Dia_ - May 12

UPDATE: Thanks ladies! I went ahead and went in....FALSE ALARM!!! :) Thank goodness, I have so much left to do! But, I do feel better now knowing that everything is okay. Fluid levels are fine, no contractions, baby is fantastic - thanks for all your help!! I was really freaked out!


mayaB - May 13

ME TOO!! this morning I thought I was leaking so I went into L&D. They monitored me (I had 3 contractions in 20 mintues but they were irregular) and checked me (still 1 cm dilated). and got sent home!! Oh well. Oh well. patience. I'm 39 weeks.



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