Did You Carry Your Boys Differently Than Your Girls

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djh - December 29

Hi all, I was just wondering from a purely mother's standpoint...did you definately carry your boys differently than your girls? I did, my first 2 were boys and I carried them high up and under my ribs the entire pregnancies. With my 3rd, a little girl, I carried small and around my naval. With my 4th (3rd boy) I again carried up under my ribs even though he was 7.5 weeks early.


dedaa - December 29

You make me real curious.lol I am now expecting baby #3 and have no idea what the s_x is. Both my boys like you I carried really high. Now this baby has been really low since the beginning. Did you notice any difference in their heartbeats? Both boys so far have always had really high heart rates now this one is alot lower then either of them two. I know that these are not accurate ways of telling the s_x but it is fun to test the theory.


maryl14 - December 29

i've had 2 girls and i carried small and low for the most part and this on #3 is a boy and i'm carring large and high so i guess you do but good question


Nerdy Girl - December 29

My belly was like a big round sphere with my daughter, but I looked like a torpedo with my son. My belly was all out front and totally hillarious.


StacyChambers - December 29

I am currently pregnant with my first, a little boy and he is very low. Actually I have had a few people tell me to watch out because when he drops he'll come right out. :~)


sahmof3 - December 29

LOL... I was high with my 1st (boy), off to one side with my 2nd (girl... she hung on my left side all pregnancy long) and low with my 3rd (another boy... he was transverse and low and I was VERY wide side to side... he was 22 3/4" at birth!!!).


byansmommy - December 30

well with my daughter you couldnt tell i was pregnant until i was like 9 months and then all i had was a pooch but this time (which is a boy) i look like the good year blimp im huge i dont even think that they make maternity clothes big enough for me i actually look like im having twins or triplets when im only having one i've had people come up and ask me how many im having and when i tell them one they just give me this look and you know how that makes a pregnant woman feel when people just give you this look like d*** your fat but this will all be over with soon so i wont have to worry about it any more


lenae - December 30

My first 2 were boys and I carried them high right under my ribs. This one is supposed to be a girl ( ok if not) and she alternates between high and just behind my bellyb___ton. And I felt great during my other pregnancies but the last month has been hell for me and I had a horrible kidney infection back in aug that took 2 months to get rid of. My pevis slides around a lot and is painful with this one and I just feel sick, nausea, loose bowel, etc. felt like this for 2 weels now and last week I was told I just have the flu. OK anyway. I am excited to meet this little one and will in less than 2 more weeks yay


djh - December 30

Ok, so the general very unscientific consensus is that most of us carry our boys up high and the girls usually lower. To dedaa, my kids all had fetal heart rates around 140's I actually don't think my dd was significantly different than each boy was to one another. With my first 3 I knew what s_x they were due to amniocentesis ( a devastating family genetic problem) and with my last one they had perfected a blood test so I decided not to find out what he was. He was definately going to be my last and since I had boys and a girl it was nice to be surprised. When I was on the operating table and they said "its a boy" I remember saying "I knew it because I carried him just like his brothers"...


djh - December 30

P.S. GOOD LUCK to all you mommas that are due to deliver soon. *****Easy Labor Dust to you all*****


chriss - January 2

Hey ladies, it's interesting to hear everyone's stories. I am 31 wks and EVERYONE says that I am having a boy, although I am carrying low. I am not very big at all and certainly don't look 7.5 months pregnant. The baby's HR is 156 which indicates a girl (or a very active baby) it will be interested to see if everyone is right (or wrong)


kerryv - January 2

i know this may be a stupid question but this is my first baby and i am having a boy, 27.5 weeks now. how do you know if you are carrying 'high' or 'low'??


djh - January 2

When I was carrying high the babies were right under my ribs, all the way up to where they had no more room to go up. In fact, so high that my longest son loosened my xiphoid bone in the sternal area causing a really bad ache when I took deep breaths. I had trouble breathing from 6-7 months on and my lower tummy was flat. I could wear my regular jeans up until my c-sections if I unb___toned the top b___ton. With my girl (carried lower) I always had a little room up top but had to undo my jeans more. Stand sideways and see where the hardest, biggest part of your tummy is to see if the bulk of it looks high or low. Not a silly question at all!


AmyJenell - January 2

My first two pregnancies which were both girls, I was carrying high up. I never got very big with either. This pregnancy however, I am having a boy and am carrying him very low. I am also huge. I'm sure that they can probably see me from space. So my girls were high and I was small and my boy is low and I am huge. Good luck!


kerryv - January 2

well i just tried to look and cant really tell from the side but i can certainly tell you that i am carrying straight out. it looks like my belly has just grown out and has not gotten wider on the sides at all...


Shanna - January 2

With our dd, I carried higher but she was never under my ribs, now with this one (a boy) I'm really low. People keep telling me I look like I'll have him any minute!


jodie1987 - March 1

hi everyone can anyone please give me any advice i had 2 sons i carried high with the heartbeat was high with my 1st son 171 and 160 and my 2nd son stayed around 150 this is my 3rd baby im carrying low and the heartbeat is 171 im 16weeks and 5 days pregnant



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