Did You Just Have A Quot Weird Quot Feeling

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lindsay - May 23

have any of you just felt "weird" or "different" and then ended up goign into labor?? all day i have just felt different, but can't quite put my finger on it... i have been having a lot more braxton hicks than usual, or at least than what i normally notice, but nothing regular at all. maybe i am just reaching because i'm now 38 weeks and am feeling like poo... my thighs, hips, and pelvis feel as though there are spreading far apart and there is so much pressure; i guess she is just pretty low... but one thing to not is my belly kind of "hurts". i don't know how else to describe it... it doesn't feel like stretching, it just feels like a tired achiness...maybe from the more frequent b/h's??? anyone have any ideas or know what i mean?


lindsay - May 23

that was supposed to say "one thing to NOTE"


ashley - May 23

lindsay-when i had dd I had a couple things that should of struck me as funny, but I didn't realize it at the time. 1-I had diarrhea that night (natures way of cleaning you out??) 2-the baby didn't move as much as she normally did and 3-I didn't get up for my usual midnight pee session. I woke up at 2am (extra sleep ??) When I woke up at 2am my water broke after I went to the bathroom. I too had more b/h's.


lindsay - May 24

everytime i have "loose" bowels i wonder "oh no, is this it?" LOL


Heather W - May 24

I feel all those things this am...the most signifigant being that baby is not movuing as much...I always seem to be poking it and making it perform, so I know that everything is ok..and I lost my mucus plug 9 days ago, I am 39 weeks 1 day, and last night I slept through about ten trips to the bathroom..funny...I hope! Considering the night before I was visiting the bathroom every 1/2 hour on the nose.


Jenn2 - May 24

I am 38 weeks too. while this will be my first, and I dont have any past experience to go on.....I too have heard the diarrhea thing. That a day or maybe two before you go into labor (most women) will have a "cleaning out of the bowels". I have not noticed much in the way of pelvic pain or stomach pain, or anything else, so I would love to hear from other women about this too.


Nerdy Girl - May 24

I did not have decreased movement. I had just the opposite. The night my water broke, my son was so hyper in there. I was joking with my husband that the baby was moving around so much that he was going to completely pop the water bag. And in the middle of the night that night, HE DID!



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