Diet Coke Red Bull Craving

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Hana - July 8

hiya ladies, yippiieee i've just transitioned across to this trimester! I've recently developed a craving for red bull and diet coke. I know they arent healthy but does anyone have any scarey facts to put me off them lol I used to be a diet coke addict but managed to cut it out after i got preg. I dont know why im getting these cravings- ps-On a side note-my tummy looks like a road map from all the stretch marks- yuk its really bad. God knows how ill end up looking like at the end. If i have them now does it mean they will increase or could it actually stop? Thanks!


Tanya2 - July 8

I crave the real coke, with my first pregnancy I didn't take any but this one have one can a day, some days though I must admit I get carried away and have more. I think I'm a Coca Cola addict, I just think of Coke in a nice gla__s with ice, ohhhhhhhhh. I had my one can for the day so no more for today. Stretch marks, I didn't get them with my first pregnancy but have them all over now and I'm only 32 weeks. Heyyy maybe its the Coke giving me the stretch marks????? Hmmmmmm.


dee23 - July 9

when it comes to those dreadfull marks...u need to keep your skin hydrated with lots of water. but i mean lots. and i dont know about diet coke, but red bull can increase your babies chances of getting ADD (or attention deficiet disorder). the additive are not recommended and arent safe for pregnant women. read the label, it should state it. with diet coke. i dont think your ment to drink that stuff while your pregnant. im not entirely sure about the reason but its something to do with the additive that makes the drink a 'diet' drink.i drink coke, but have been told to stay away from diet coke by my doc. even though she doesnt like me drinking normal coke, she says its still better than the diet stuff. best to keep away from them both until after birth, its not long to go, in just under 3 months u will be able to drink as much of it as u like! as for me, i cant wait to eat chinese sausages, hot dogs, and cold chicken sandwiches....mmmmmm. i have 12 days and counting!


dee23 - July 9

also, maybe ur craving them cause u cant have them? it might just be all in the head! a craving is usually because ur body needs something, well...there is nothing good for ur body in those drinks. hope ive helped.


Hana - July 9

Hiya ladies Thanks for your replies. Yes it maybe all in my head and perhaps the heat isn't helping. I hate when i do occasionally drink diet coke, i really feel im putting all kinds of c___p in my body. i've been trying to turn more to water and i do quite like it. In fact i've been drinking more than 15 gla__ses of water a day as i'm constantly thirsty (and living in the bathroom at a result lol). My stretchmarks aren't deep within the skin which is good i think. Im not sure if they'll get deeper or more in numbers, and frankly i dont know which is worse lol Almost done....12 more weeks ...................................


Keli - July 9

I've used cocoa b___ter from day one, and my stretch marks are not too bad. I think its ok to have one diet coke a day. my dr said it was ok. some people drink coffee while preg. I would hold off on the red bull....


apr - July 9

I dont know about you, but lately coke has been giving me a dreadful heartburn. No idea why



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