Difference Between BH Contractions

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j - November 16

How do you tell the difference between BH & contractions? I get BH so bad that I can't breathe, walk, talk, stand up straight until it's all over...and it makes me feel like I'm going to pee my pants. I get them so often I stopped counting how many in an hour. I'm 35 weeks.


sara - November 16

Good luck figuring it out. I was like that for over a week before my daughter was born. They told me to wait until they were regular, every 5 minutes and lasting the same amount of time each--well, that never happened. I got to the hospital, finally, though they sometimes came 10 minutes apart, and already 5 cm!


tanyav - November 16

J, I think you should contact your doctor and let them know. If the contractions are that bad your doctor should know about it.


Jennifer - November 16

Hi J, I have have them bad and frequently like you. You gave a good description because that is exactly how mine feel. I keep tellling my Dr. and he says it's normal, Maybe there is a positive side, like Sara maybe it will help us in labor.


J - November 16

I sure hope it helps during labor...but I'm already effaced 50% and dilated to 1. Hopefully it makes things move a little faster. I see my dr. on the 23rd so I will difinately mention it to him.


Marussia - November 16

What I've heard is that you'll know when they turn from just BH to full on labout contractions because they will really start to hurt. The pain should feel like period cramps or lower back ache depending on which way your baby is facing.


erin - November 17

I went yesterday because I was having them every 3 minutes for 20 seconds or more but no pain, they were still BH. My dr said the real ones will start in your back and move forward and will intesitfy over time. The real ones won't go away if you move around or change positions but get worse. Everyone seems to describe them a little different, a nurse told me a few months ago that they would feel like period cramps X 100, the nurse yesterday said hers didn't hurt at all until later that day.


sara - November 17

just have to add, the bh contractions I had were PAINFUL (like J's and Jennifer's)--and I could not tell much of a difference between them and real labor until I was at 5 cm. They can hurt, but hope they are helping you along with your labor J and Jennifer!!


Charity - November 17

I told my doctor about my stomache tighting he said if you have more than 6 in a hour you need to call. Sounds to me that you need to call your doctor just to be on the safe side.


Hey J - November 17

I've asked several doctors and I always get the reply: Braxton Hicks are contractions. The difference is they don't cause cervical change like real ones do. That is supposed to be the number one difference. BH also tend to be irregular, but can be regualr. They also tend to be painless, but can be painful.


J - November 17

I know BH are a form of contractions that aren't supposed to change your cervix, but my cervix is effaced, funneling and dilated so I have to be having some real ones. I just don't know when because they are all bad!!!



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