Difference Between Normal Activity And Frantic Movement

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Kristina - June 1

I am trying to find any info I can on the net about how to tell the difference between a regularly healthy active baby or what would be termed "frantic" movement of a fetus in distress. I am 36 weeks pregnant and a couple of days ago my baby had a couple days where he wasn't nearly as active as he usually is. By the second night- he started moving up a storm- constant movement and for a couple of hours straight. The next and following days have seemed back to normal for him- still active throughout the day. Is there any particular sign to look for to distinguish distressful type movements, to know when you need to call the Dr.? Also, is it normal for my baby to continue to be as active as he has been at this point? Thank you!


Sunni - November 11

I dont have an answer. I have the same question. Did you ever get an answer to it? I am 34 weeks and my baby has been moving a lot and hard all day!! I was wondering if this is ok.


Dez - November 11

I am almost 40 weeks, and my baby is doing the same thing, it seems almost every movement is frantic, like shes a boxer or something, I cant imagine that they could move so fast.


Rach - November 11

From what I understand babies can have active days and slow days just like us. perhaps this is all that was happening.


Christine - November 12

I would say as you get further along it is more uncomfortable for the baby...since there is less room for him/her to move around...hard kicks/punches are nothing to worry about..nor do I think any of your situations are...I would call the doc...at your amount of weeks they can easily give you a stress test...(put the belt on and tell you to push the b___ton when you feel the baby move) and monitor the baby just to ease your mind...good luck


Leanne - November 12

i am 35 weeks, almost everyday my baby starts to go crazy in there. Usually ,mostly at night when im trying to sleep between my trips to the bathroom!Sometimes it really hurts because it is so strong! It is normal and probably nothing to worry about unless there are other symptoms that the baby is not doing well.If the doc isnt concerned you have nothing to worry about.The babe just cant get comfy in there anymore I guess!


vanessa - November 16

why dont all u woman just call and ask your doctor i am 24 weeks and i have the same problem sometimes he moves around and other days i feel little or no movement at all,if you dont have a personal mid wife or dr,call a nurse i always call my dr. she may think im crazy,but hey if i have a question that worries me i will ask!!!


Lisa - November 16

I am having my 5th baby and this has occurred throughout ALL of my pregnancies, including this one. Some days the baby is a lot more active than others. I think this is perfectly normal, even after delivery you will notice that the baby will continue with the same behaviour, some days they are fussy and can't settle, other days they seem to sleep well and settle easily. I don't think there is any cause for alarm unless there is a long period (few days) of no movement from the baby. The bigger you are, the less room there is for the baby to move around. I would imagine babies need to excercise their limbs even while they are still in your tummy. :o)



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