Differences Between Civilian Providers And Military Provider

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Toya - April 14

I notice that there is a big difference between the prenatal care received at civilian facilities and at military facilities. At the civilian dr. I had urine samples taken at EVERY visit. At the military dr. I have not had one urine sample taken..Also, I am almost 37 weeks and have just now started having appointments every 2 weeks. Before now I've been having them every 4-6 weeks. As with civilian dr's I'd be having weekly appointments by now. I was told that the more testing done on the patient and the more appointments for the patient...the more money the Dr makes...Makes you wonder whether some of these things are necessary.


PP - April 14

I also go to a military facility and I have only had 1 urine test. It was at the very begining with a bunch of blood work. I have had the triple marker and some genetic testing but I like you get seen every 4-6 weeks and I will not bee seen weekly until 37 weeks. But it seems like I have had more ultrasounds done because the doctor has an ultrasound in the room all you have to do is ask to see the baby and they will show you. I think most of it is not necessary because it is relatively new to be seen so much. Unless there are problems I say let nature take it course.


Lyn - April 14

I go to a military hospital as well. I think I have gotten really good care. I saw the doctor every 4 weeks and had blood taken three times. I had my diabetes testing and Ive had five unltrasounds done. I am almost 38 weeks now and go to the doctors every week.


Marie - April 14

You guys are so right. I thought I was the only who noticed the difference. When I received prenatal care at a civilian doctor's office, I had my urine tested for protein and glucose at every visit. And now, I am receiving prenatal care at a navy hospital and they do not test my urine at all for either one. My appointments are also not as frequent. I hope everything will be ok. My last pregnancy at the civilian clinic was treated as high risk since I had a previous fetal demise. Therefore I was given a lot of attention. But now everything is different. But my husband tells me that they only recruit the best doctors. So I am trying not to worry about it. Where are you guys from?


Jamie - April 15

I'm getting care at a military facility - I'm 23 weeks, have had only one ultrasound. I asked for another one, and the dr. obliged; it's scheduled for next week - but I have to drive over an hour for it, rather than being able to be seen by a civilian doctor on the economy.


PP - April 15

I Think the care I have gotten has been more than adequate but it is different. I have been pleased I am recieving care in Washington DC. Where are all of you girls? And what Branch? My husband is AF.


Toya - April 15

I'm in Las Vegas and my husband is also AF! I love my dr's...don't agree with every thing they say, but they are a very supportive group of people.


marie - April 15

My husband is a naval officer and we are in San Diego, CA.


Lyn - April 15

My husband is in the Army and we are at Fort Knox KY



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