Difficulty Turning As Belly Gets Bigger

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kaitlin - November 18

I'm almost 34 weeks, and suddenly, I find it so hard to turn over at night. It's like my stomach is going to just snap off. I have to literally hold my stomach from both sides as I turn over. I feel my skin is stretching so hard when I turn. I haven't gotten any stretch marks yet (although I have a huge pointy belly) but I'm wondering if they are going to start now because my belly seems to be heavier and harder to hold up. Is anyone else going through this, and if so, is there any relief? Has anyone tried those belts that hold your stomach up and if so, any good? By the way, this coincides with the top of my belly starting to get stretched as the baby stretches upwards. Please let me know.


Bree - November 18

I can relate. I also thought about one of those belt thingys, but I don't know. I am using the Palmer's cream for stretch marks, but it feels so tight, so that's about all I can do at this point. I also struggle w/turning over and even getting up and down is a struggle w/the pressure from the weight of it.


Amber - November 18

Im 27 weeks and have had problems turning since about 20, i think my problem is my hips though, not my tummy. I have to have my boyfriend push me over so that i can turn now :)


Kaeli - November 18

Having the same problem... Really hard to turn over, everytime I do, my hips sound like they are going to snap out of socket because they make a cracking sound. I just started getting stretch marks about a week ago and I will be 34 weeks Monday. I just dont see how my skin will be able to handle 6 more weeks of this.. ugh!


kaitlin - November 18

thanks everyone. I thought it was just my big belly, but it sounds common. I really feel the baby up high now, which is weird. It wasn't so bad before, but now I really feel like this belly is going to snap right off. I can't believe how much longer we still have......I was reading ahead to week 36 and baby's development, and it said that from then on, the baby really starts to pack on serious weight. My God, I don't know what is going to happen then. I think I might explode. Have a good weekend everyone.



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