Digusted With Myself

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Holly - March 6

I just ate a whole freaking roll of Rolo's candy. I could eat junk food all day long. I can't stand it anymore. Is this going to end when the preganacy is over? I have always been a junk food junkie but never this bad.


maya - March 6

Hi Holly!! I have been trying to control myself. I'm not all that sure if what I'm having are cravings.. or simply that I feel that I am excused to eat what I like! I have been wanting icecream the past days.. and everytime I go to pick up the icecream I tell myself that those are bucks that my baby can spend. Does that happen to you? Another reason I try to control myself is that I've put on 36 lbs already (15kg about). I might just give in to that want of icecream. I hope itsnt me being fussy...........


Holly - March 6

Maya- It's like I am hungry all the time and the choices available to me are so terrible. Also I have to watch certain foods because they can give me the heartburn from hell. It's like anything that contains bread or chocolate I am complete crazy person about. I am 36 weeks and 2 days. I think I have gained almost 30lbs so far. My aunt was over yesterday and we started talking about weight. She wanted to stand next to me yesterday because she said it would be the first time that she would be thinner than me (I was a healthy 130 before this preganacy). I just love food these days. I am hoping that my old self will come back when I am done with this.


karen - March 6

A roll of Rolo's? That's like one candy bar--you're being hard on yourself. I have been that way--eating girl scout cookies and ice cream and candy. I have been eating more of that stuff the further along I get, I think. BUT at my last doctor's visit, I learned that I had gained 6 pounds in 2 weeks and that shocked me into reality. That made a total of 31 pounds at 32 weeks. I've been pretty good since then. :)


April Mom - March 6

I have been the same way too......Icecreams, and anything with bread and chocolate and cream, I just give in...I have never been a junk eater.....I used to have a lot of self-control...I dont know where all that went...I am not really bothered abt my weight, but that I am not eating right for the baby.


Amy - March 6

Hello. I can definately relate. I have been craving any kind of sweets, steak, icecream and so on. And hubby and parents get it for me lol. Which, I am 33 weeks and at my last appointment, i had gained i believe 15 or 16 pounds since september so. I had a real big problem with sickness and am on reglan to help it. I work at sonic i am a carhop. The days that I work, I will always order me a ham egg and cheese toaster , cheese fries salted down, and a large cherry dr pepper. When I am done with that, i order either a banana split or fudge cake sundae lol. I eat every bit of it too lol. I am crazy about milk shakes and smoothies too. lol. Delicious!!!! For valentines day, I ordered my hubby and son a icecream cake and I have been eatin on that too lol. I am having a lil girl. Due april 29th. My next appointment is friday, the 10th, so i will get on that evening and let everyone know how much i have gained altogether so far. With my first pregnancy, I craved nothing but pizza. I had a real bad problem with sickness then too and did not get meds for it til 6 or 7 months along. I gained I believe 18 pounds total maybe less in that pregnancy. I plan though after this pregnancy to start a diet lol. Sonic does make some really good grilled chicken salads and i love chicken, so i do not think that will be a problem lol. It's the chocolate I am worried about trying to give up. lol. Anyhow, best luck to everyone!!!!!!!!:):):):)


L - March 6

I don't know about your area, but Girl Scout cookies were delivered here last week. Everyone wants to share their boxes with the pregnant gal.


to Holly - March 6

I've never been that into junk food, but during pregnancy I can't seem to get enough chocolate or sweet things. Gestational diabetes didn't register when I took my glucose test, so I'm not worried. I just can't wait 'til I'm not a cookie monster anymore. lol



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