Dilated Before Going Into Labor

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Faye84 - April 20

Okay I know that you can be dilated weeks and weeks before going into labor. But do any of you know How dilated they will let you get? I mean Youd think the bigger the opening the more chance for an infection. Right now Im 36W5D and Im 2 Cm dilated . were Any of you that were dilated before labor did your labors go quick? Im really nervous that Ill end up going into labor so fast I wont be able to make it to the hospital. I didnt even think about asking my doc until this morning so thought Id just ask around for other womans thoughts!!


stephva - April 20

Hi there...with my first I started dialating early & the Dr. kept saying that there was no way I'd go to my due date...I ended up going past my date...as I remember, I went in on a Friday and was a good 3cm, and about 80% effaced so we scheduled induction for Monday (although he really thought I'd go on my own over the weekend) So Monday morning when I got to the hospital for the induction, I was 5 cm & 95% effaced (and still not having any contractions) So they started the Pitocin at about 8:30am and my son was born at 1:41pm after only about 10 minutes of pushing. I had a wonderful experience with the induction and am actually hoping to go that route again as I live much farther away from the hospital this time and I would just feel better knowing when it's going to happen instead of having to wonder. Anyway, once I got to the 3 cm mark, my Dr. didn't wanna wait around a whole lot longer...don't know for sure if there is a standard thats followed or what..but thats my story...GL


MNMOM - April 20

You can be sitting at 3 cm dialated for awhile, once you hit 4 cm you are in active labor, if it is your first I wouldn't worry so much about not making it to the hospital in time, the average first time labor is 12 hours. I was dialated to a 2 for maybe a week or little more and then my water broke and my son was born 12 days early.


Faye84 - April 20

You can be at 4cm, and have no contractions and its still considered labor? i never knew that! hopefully I stay at 2 until closer to my due date. thanks to both of you, makes me feel alot better.


Faye84 - April 20

I meant considered "active labor"


LeighOH - April 20

Ive been 2 Cm and 100% for at least 1 week and 5 days (I dont know about before that bc it was the first time I was checked), like people have told you, a first labor doesn't usually progress really fast so the chances of you not making it in time are pretty slim, if your still a little worried just make sure you have everything ready in case you have to get there fast, do you live far from the hospital? And also do you know if you are effaced yet and how much b/c Ive heard that makes more of a difference than being dilated does. Although obviously as in my case it doesn't necesarily mean tomorrow. Good Luck!


xoxticiaxox - April 20

Okay I know what dialated it, but what does effaced mean? I was told last time I was checked that I was 1cm dialted. and when I told my doctor that, she said that doesnt mean anything...They never said anything about being effeced. The first time I was checked I was not dialted but they told me my cervix was soft? Whatever that means.


MNMOM - April 20

the thinning of the cervix is called effacing, the opening of the cervix is called dialating. You need both to happen in order to go into labor. softening is a good sign that your cervix is changing, and I think sometimes they use this term before they start to talk about precentage of effacement, sometimes they might use the term interchangably.


Kristin11 - April 20

they first started checking me at 37 weeks i was 2 cm dialated already and 50% effaced. At 38 weeks i was 3 cm dialted and 75% effaced, and i went in to labor that night after that appointment. I dont know how long i was 2 cm though.


stephva - April 20

I had an appt this morning after posting and turns out I am at 2cm already also. (I'm 35w2d) Dr. is taking me out of work & not putting me on bedrest so to speak but told me to take it easy & get plenty of rest. (my BP is also up though, so thats playing a role) He wants me to get to 39 weeks, but her head is directly on my cervix & he said he could actually feel her head today...so we may not go that long...guess we'll see...


Kristin11 - April 20

stephva i had my dd at 36 weeks and she was totally healthy. Good luck!


Misspriss - April 20

At 29 weeks I was dialated to 1cm. They said it was common since it was my 2nd pg but I still think that's kind of early. Plus I was having contractions. It still worries me that I'll go into labor early.


Faye84 - April 20

Well last week I was 40% effaced, not sure if thats alot or not. I didnt ask what I was at this week But I am dilated 2 cm now. They said my blood pressure is great so i have nothing to worry about. Im just wondering if the longer your cervix is open the more at chance you are to getting an infection.


danimarie - April 22

I was dilated to 3cm for over a week before my water broke...and my water didn't break until my doctor did a membrane sweep. After my water broke I dilated to 4cm and then got the epidural and stalled. I was at 4cm forever. I had to have pitocin. I stalled again at 7cm and they had to up the pitocin. I was in labor for 17-18 hours. But I didn't feel a thing because of the epidural and I actually slept for about 5 hours. And I only pushed for about 30 mins. So don't worry about going too fast. Is this your first? I am sure you'll be totally fine. I was 38 weeks exactly. Oh yeah...and infection isn't really a concern unless the water is broken or leaking.


Faye84 - April 22

Hi danimarie , Yes this is my first so I dont really know what to expect, I know you can go around being dilated for a while, Just took me by suprise that I was a 2 and wasnt even 37 weeks. Didnt seem normal to me. Hopefully my labor will go smooth, You didnt mind getting the pitocin?


anydaynow - April 23

I've been 4cm and 80% for over a week now. I am not in active labor and am just about 39 weeks (tomorrow). My doctor had told me I could go "any day now" at 36 weeks. So I wouldn't listen to anyone. Your baby has a mind of his/her own and will come whenever they want!


maube - April 23

Not only does your mucus plug help to keep things out of your uterus - there is also the sac of waters. As long as your membraines didnt rupture you dont have to worry about infections taking hold in your uterus



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