Dilated To 2cm And Half Thinned Out

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Laura - December 13

Okay I am a first time mother, I am 37 weeks almost 38 im dilated to 2cm, and my cervix is thinned out half way. How long dose it usally take to actually go into labor? Is there any thing that helps bring on labor beside s_x...It hurts to bad for that but im in way to much pain to keep on waiting...


Laura - December 13

And they said my babys head was down low and the doc. said he could feel her head....


Dani - December 13

I am a first time mother too. I am 36 wks and have had pre-mature labor stopped 3 times now. Now that i am 36 wks and can go, my baby is being shy. I am dialated to 1 cm, and 85% effaced. My Dr. said it could be tomorrow, or i could carry to my due date ( Jan 8th) Everyones body is different, and dialate quicker. I read if you scoot down stairs letting you b___t plop softly that will help, and it does. S_x, spicey stuff.... walking... but who knows...If you find something out, let me know..LOL


laura - December 13

Lol i will let u know i mean i dont mind being pregnant its so hard to care for other children my boyfriend has two others that live with him that im taking care of and its soo hard to take care of them and being in pain and having all this pressure i dont think it would be that bad if i didnt have two other children to care for......good luck with your baby.....


Jill - December 14

The doctor said today that I was 80% thinned out and she could only get one finger tip in my cervix (so I guess about 1 cm) She said I probably had a few days to go - but I might prove her wrong and break my water on the way out (which didn't happen of course). I still have 6 days till my due date - she said POSITIVE THINKING AND LOTS OF s_x. Wonderful. All I know is those cramp/period feelings are a good sign that you're body is opening up - so I'm praying for more of those today. Last night I ate a can of pineapple chunks and some red hot sauce on taco chips before bed - and had one really strong contraction about an hour later - then cramping feelings for about an hour. I think it helped me thin out - so I'll be trying more of that today.



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