Dilated With Thick Cervix

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Amber - May 11

I am 35 weeks pregnant and dilated 2 CM. My cervix is still pretty thick though.. I thought the cervix was susposed to thin out before dilation. Does anyone know if it is common for the cervix to stay thick? When can I expect it to thin out? and another thing I was wondering.. does anyone have any tips on nausea? Every time I lay down (thats when shes most active) She moves so much in there I feel like I can't hold anything I've eaten down. Thanx


Ashley - May 12

I have the same problem. Im 35 weeks too and im dialated 2 CM and my cervix is really thick still even tho hes dropped down REALLY low. The nausea i dont have tho :( sowwy. I have acid reflux which is a pain but not so much vomitting. If u know anything about the thick cervix thing tho lemme knwo! lol


Toya - May 12

Amber, when I went into labor, my cervix was 4cm dilated and VERY thick...the baby was still floating in fact...but 5 hours later, I pushed her out...so, things can progress very fast.


jenn - May 12

my dr said that for the nausea thing to prop up a little bit when laying down so that there is still a little room for the food to settle. good luck


brenda - May 29

I am 35 weeks preg and my cervix has dropped also i dont know how far but i have had alot of pain aross my stomic and back all the way up to my b___st even. my stomic feels hard at times but only at the top part and i need to rest alot from the pain also my bowls has softed up alot...im not to shure what to do myself my doc has already told me no s_x lifting pulling pushing im just glad to see im not the only one who is haveing some of thies problems right know


Lili - June 1

I am 34 weeks and am having alot of braxton hicks and like a pulling sensation in my cervix, is this what it feels like if u are dilated? If not what are the symptoms? thanks


stacy - June 21

you can drink some gingerale and eat some crackers for nausea you can expect the cervix to thinning out when you start dialating yes it is common



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