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jenna32 - November 2

my doctor said i am still closed but the baby's head is low.I always read about women dilating for like weeks on here, i was wondering if it could happen all at once or if it usually only happens gradually over weeks or could it go either way?


emfine99 - November 2

The dr told me the same thing a week ago, well, she didn't check my cervix, but the week before they did and I was closed. She said since the babys head was low and I was feeling cramps, then within a week something might happen. I think it's just different with every pregnancy.


alirenee86 - November 2

Closed as in completely?? I am 38 weeks, dialated 1cm as of a week ago and this week at the dr, he said I hadn't progressed or dialated any more since the week before. I was wondering the same thing and he said it could happen all at once and some women walk around dialated for weeks. I felt a little dissappointed as I don't want to have to be induced but he said they have no way of knowing when it will open up and really begin. Hang in there. I'm really hoping next week at 39 weeks that I'm dialted more!


wantanotheraftertr - November 2

I stayed 1 cm for about 3 weeks before labor and delivery of my first. Then the others I got to like 3cm I can't remember exactly it's been 13 years ago. I haven't been checked with this one yet but yes it can happen all while in labor


izechsmama - November 2

i was dialated at 2 cm from 29-39 weeks when they induced me... i think its different for everyone.. i'm excited this time around to see what this baby does..


jenna32 - November 2

hmm,is one more common then the other, anyone know? i am only 37 weeks tomorrow i know i have time,just getting anxious here! i've started to feel period like cramps but it could be something else. Yes she said " i wasn't open yet,but the babys head is low" so she must have meant completely.


melissa w. - November 4

all i have to say is be thankful something is happening i'm 38 weeks and not even dilated at all!!! they told me thursday that the baby was already 8lbs and 7 oz and i still had 2 weeks to go from there!! i'm scared and in so much pain my back and pelvis area hut like hell.. i wish i was at least 1 cm so i knew the pain i was feeling was doing something!!! good luck to all of u!!


alirenee86 - November 6

Well, I just posted a question simliar to this, but found out today that the dialation can happen pretty much all at once...the main thing is how effaced or soft/short, your cervix is. My baby's head is pretty low and I'm 70% effaced and only 1cm dialated STILL! But the dr. said that's good that the cervix is in soft and short. You should ask your dr. next time you go what percentage effaced you are as it's not just the dialation. That can happen all at once.


cattac - November 6

With both my previous pregnancies I walked around for a month dilated and had people I knew that were shut drum tight go into labor before me! Yes it can all happen at once it just depends.



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