Dilating Backwards

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KMo311 - January 17

I had my 38 week check up today. In my OBs office you don't get to see one doctor you see them all (5 of them). Last week i was checked by one of the doctors and i was 2cm dilated 60%effaced. Today another one checked me and i was "closed, long and baby was high" (both females)I just don't understand how one woman can get two fingers in there and another can't get anything. arghhhhhhhh i was angry i walked at the mall for a really long time and now i am cramping and have big amounts of yellow goop/mucus is coming out. I know everyone says"The baby comes when they are ready, you can go from nothing to something etc" but this is my third pregnancy and i know my kids don't like to come out. i had pitocin for both and 2cm 60% is the most i have EVER gotten and it was taken away from me.


kcastro - January 17

Hi sorry to here about your experience with the doctors but it sounds like you are or did loose your mucus plug which usally means the baby will be coming within a week so good luck hope things go well for you


kaybee123 - January 18

I'm sorry. This is also my third pregnancy. With my first I had contractions that were not strong enough to make me dilate so they had to give me pitocin to make them come stronger. My second child, my water broke and for two days I sat in the hospital without even one contraction.They had to insert a Foley catheter to get things started. I was really surprised to know that on the 5th I was 2 cm dilated and 25% effaced. I don't know if there has been a change since then but I'm afraid that I won't open any more on my own and they won't do anything to help me for maybe another two weeks or so. They want me to be doubled over in pain and crying apparently with contractions every five minutes before I go in. I'm having real contractions and also braxton hicks. Knowing that my contractions were not strong enough to help me dilate before, I think my body has done all it can on its own. Nobody wants to listen to me though. With my second child I had NO epidural. I did take those contractions for seven hours and this was after pitocin. I ended up getting stadol and going to sleep for the other five hours. So either my baby is gonna start hanging out in the toilet soon OR I'll find out in two more weeks that I'm still 2 cm dilated. I am very frustrated with this pregnancy. I wish it would be over today.


tritty - January 18

KMo- I'VE HAD THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPEN TO ME! at my multi-doctor practice i've had a doctor and a midwife tell me that i'm 1cm dilated and then i just saw a doctor yesterday that told me that i'm completely closed and not thinning out at all. i guess everyone's opinion is diffferent. it's so frustrating but at my next appointment i'm going back to my midwife to see if she agrees with the last doctor i saw or not. good luck!


KMo311 - January 18

the smallest amount of progress for our pain means sooo much, doctors just can't take that away. well i hope that with all the mucus i lost yesterday it ment something. I was also in a ton of pain with contractions lastnight so maybe they ment something too.


KatieB - January 24

Can you ask the doctor about why she has a different opinion. At my last doc. appt. he said I was 70% effaced but still closed. This time I have to see someone else so I'm going to ask if she changes it to go backwards. I would not be a happy camper if that happens.


Selena - January 24

Well I see the same midwife each time and in my last two visits I went from 1.5cm dilated but not effaced and hard to not dilated at all but 80% effaced and soft! Go figure. I am only 33 weeks though so right now I am hoping he stays in there atleast 2/3 more weeks! I couldn't figure out how it changed (fro the worse) either!



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