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Tee - April 4

May I be able to check myself for dilation.If so I'm 39 wks and I'm 2cm,how can I check to see if I have dilated somemore.


Trish - April 4

I read the post early this morning and didn't bother to espond because it was too weird of a question. I agree with Jenny, it is bizarre and almost naive. Don't get so offended EM, and as for Tee, you'll have to just go the doctor and get checked again for dilation. Good Luck to you.


Kymmi - April 12

How did you "check" yourself the first time to determine that you were dilated to a 2cm?


Al - April 13

Everyone here needs to chill out. It wasn't such a stupid question. I checked myself to see if I was starting to dilate when I started have contractions at 34 weeks. I was, and it was confirmed by the doctor. I don't see why you couldn't check yourself for further dilation if you are still flexible enough. I for one am not. If you can get two fingers in your cervix and start to spread them, than you are beyond a 2. There is no such thing as a stupid question, it's more stupid not to ask.


EAS - April 13

Ok here is my stupid question... I know my anatomy, its part of my job and even the biggest of men never hit the cervix. So how are your fingers even long enough. Next when the doct checks he reaches a lot further that I have ever seen anyone be able to from a different angle. You being able to spread fingers in the part you are feeling is the v____a not the cervix.


Heather - April 13

Nice one Al...why don't I believe you? You crack me up...


Kymmi - April 13

WOW! Do I sense the hormones flying around here~ Geez!~ This is all we need is a bunch of hormonal women arguing their INDIVIDUAL points!! The way I see it, unless you are a certified GYN or have had some type of training, what woman can stick two fingers into her v____a and not only find the cervix, but determine how far she is dilated?????


Al - April 13

My husband hits my cervix in most postions. The average length of a v____a is 3 - 6 inches and the cervix is located right after that. I never checked myself for further dilation. Just to see if the cervix was open at all. Sorry to hear about your short comings EAS. As far as where is Tee? I'm sure she's enjoying time with her newborn.


EAS - April 13

Dear I am glad your anatomy degree tells you that a man can hit a cervix. That makes me laugh. Crazy People, I am glad most of my patients are unconcious and or dead.


Al - April 13

EAS - I think you need to go back to school. If you'd like me to refer you to quite a number of resources where physicians discuss cases when the p___s hits cervix, I'd be more than happy to. You'll see who gets the last laugh after all.


Jenn... - April 13

When I was in my first trimester, I was having quite a bit of spotting. My doctor told me it was from intercourse, the Penis agrivating the cervix.


Jenny - April 13

Ok Girls you've drawn me back, even though I said I wouldn't...Kymmi is right, the hormones are flying....as for you Al, seriously, you are hilarious if you think any of us actually believe that you checked yourself to see if your cervix was open...do you even know what that feels like? Have you had special training? And, how can you compare "your" results to a trained professional, to determine if you were further dilated? Seriously, come on now...I do believe that the p___s can hit the cervix but for you to check yourself for further dilation is comical, to say the least! I don't mean to be "rude" but you are no expert and shouldn't be advertising this ridiculous and possibly harmful act of "checking yourself" given that young and often naive girls are on this message post (as you can see) and are probably going to take your advice. You should be more responsible, given that "checking yourself" is NOT a practice promoted by any doctor, and you should not be giving this type of advice.


Janice - April 13

No, you cannot check yourself for dilation...you cannot reach your cervix and Al is wrong...


38wksnmiserable - April 14

lol you all are hilarious...point is..the question was a tad bit "stupid" as it has been put several times but the responses were even worse if u think about it. it went from ridiculing the question to women who actually thought they CHECKED THEIR OWN CERVIX(what kinda fingers do you have) to a d__n PENIS not being able to hit it....d__n hilarious


kris - April 14

although i do agree that you should go to the doctor to get checked, i must admit that i too have asked similar questions during my pregnancy. Don't feel silly for wondering...I asked if i could break my own water!! I guess not everyone goes into pregnancy as educated as jenny


Toya - April 14

??? What is this "You can't reach your cervix" business? I don't know how most of you ladies are built or shaped, but it has always been easy for me to feel my cervix. ( I am 5'4", 136lbs, 36 weeks pregnant and can still feel my cervix easily) Using the natural family planning method of birth control involves the woman TOUCHING her own cervix to check the position of it, the firmness of it, and the mucus on it. During pregnancy the cervix is VERY soft and it feels like the surrounding walls of the v____a...so maybe that's why some people can't identify it...but it's never been a problem for me....And my husband hits it all the time during s_x....I mean, your uterus is positioned deep inside of your pelvis already and the NECK of it (cervix) hangs adequately low enough in your v____a for it to be touched....but, I guess some people are built differently....A woman can definitely check for dilation...If you can feel the opening of the cervix (as I and many can easily do) you can check for dilation...


Holly - April 14

So, sure you can check for dilation but how do you even know what that would feel like or how to measure if you are not a GYN? Please...



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