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geri - November 1

I am due the 27th of nov and i am 1 cm dilated..this is my fourth kids but my first without induction. i am miserable...does anyone know (from their dr or past experience) how dilation indicates when labor will begin??


Alissa - November 2

You can start dilating and not goin into labor for months dilation has nothing to do with going in to labor which sucks.


Mom2 - November 2

Alissa is right.


MaineMom - November 2

Geri - I am also due Nov 27th, and am 1cm dialated. We both just have to be patient and wait. What is making you miserable?


geri - November 2

ugh..the THREE other kids I have to chase around and deal with..I am being a terrible mother and my 6 yr old keeps asking me when i am going to be fun again...i never want to go anywhere or do anything and this summer has been so hot (i live in texas)..i think i took her to the pool once all summer....i am grouchy and full of anxiety..wjhich is probably hormonal...my other two kids are two and three...my back hurts and i am huge..i have gained like 50 pounds and i can't move...and my in laws are giving me a hard time because i told them they can't come here for thanksgiving...they are coming for christmas but they want to come for both and i said no...plus my mom is mad at me because i told her that my brother cannot come help her with the kids when i go into labor and stay here at the house with her...(she lives in town and my brother lives in a near by city...he is an active alcoholic and i love him but he was on parole and not the most responsible and trustworthy person and i dont think my husband and i want him hanging out in our house for a day or two when we are not here with our other three kids...oh..the stress goes on and on...family is giving me a hard time about everything..especially in laws about what i eat and drink which my husband and i say is none of their business...plus i had kidney stones last week ....ouch..had to take vicaden for that...they would not give me morphine or anything stronger...been a rough pregnancy


KRW - November 2

I have a 5year old and she asks me the same thing, about when will I be fun again. I can't jump on the trampoline, ride bikes, or horse play with her so I feel guilty. I also live in Texas and this September was horrible, and being hot and sweaty makes me cranky. My poor family has had to put up with alot, but hey we are almost there. Good Luck!


jackie - November 2

I am due Nov. 27th also. I am dilated one cenimeter and experiencing lots of discharge. My first was born at 36 weeks so I am hoping for early also as long as the baby is ready. :-)



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