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iheartyew - October 16

This question probably has been posted before, but I'm new and I was just wondering about dilation. I'm only 34 weeks but I hear so many people talk about them checking themselves for dilation.. I guess I'm just wondering how you know what your feeling for? I don't think I'd personally do it since it could cause an infection but I was just curious about it.


Tink - October 16

i haven't heard of anyone checking THEMSELVES......usually your doctor checks you. if someone is checking themselves, that is the first i have heard of it here and they must be pretty brave, cuz it hurts like hell when i am checked!! i don't think i could reach that far anyways. i wouldn't know how to check myself, plus it is painful. most docs start internal exams around 36weeks, but not all. i have been 1cm dilated since 35w when she could get 'one finger' in my cervix. OBs sometimes won't do internal checks as often because you can risk infection if you are having them done that often etc. It just depends on your doc.


Tink - October 16

btw- i am 37weeks now and still at 1cm (50% effaced) and have been for hte last 2 weeks. my doc actually started checking me internally at 34 weeks due to some weird discharge i was having (which was fine as it turned out).


iheartyew - October 16

Yeah, I didn't think you could check yourself either but my sister did, and my sister in law did, a long with a bunch of other people that I have heard of. My doctors been checking me since 29 weeks i believe, I'm at high risk for preterm labor and I've been having contractions since 29 weeks, so they check me once a week.. I was just curious about how someone goes about doing it i guess lol.


iheartyew - October 16

Oh and I've already lost part of my mucus plug, but that isn't anything big right?


Tink - October 17

i wouldn't recommend checking yourself, even if you knew how. i've never been good at doing that stuff- you can try and check your cervical mucus when you are trying to conceive and i never was able to really find my cervix very well even then before i was pregnant. the doc usually waits til 36 weeks to start doing internal exams (and some don't even do them then) due to risk of infection. except in cases like yours where there is a history or risk of preterm labor or something. but checking yourself- you could be introducing bacteria into there......heck, the doc uses a glove and even then they are worried. so checking yourself is NOT a good idea in my book. I think it is a huge risk. in fact, some patients even tell their docs NOT to check them until the very last week or two- due to fear of infection or risk. like i said, i am so big (all baby!) now that i can barely 'wipe' myself and reach, no way could i get a finger up there at this point. i would leave any checking up to the docs.


josie4 - October 17

I check myself. I'm having a homebirth with a midwife and she doesn't do cervical checks and does few in labor as well. The risk of infection is minimal if you are thoroughly washing your hands before checking. I wouldn't recommend doing the checks yourself, though, because it isn't easy to find the cervix even if you know what to feel for, and frankly, it isn't necessary (except in cases of preterm labor, of course). I'm simply so curious I can't help but checking once in a while. (I'm a fingertip dilated, btw, and my cervix is posterior.)


sahm2alaj - October 17

I wouldn't even begin to know what to check for! I will leave that to my doctor :)


iheartyew - October 17

I don't plan on checking myself i was just wondering about it lol i ask a lot of question i guess lol i just wasn't sure how someone knew what to feel for or whatever.. i wouldn't be able to anyways because i'm to scared about getting an infection.. plus i dropped a little so i have no clue whats going on, but i was checked monday and still haven't dilated but my cervix is thinning out? i guess...



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