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Kass - December 6

Hi ladies, I am 38 weeks today...and i've been having ALOT of discharge the past couple of weeks. Very watery discharge, and a yellowish/whitish color.. some even just clear, feels like i'm peeing on myself. Is anyone else having this ?! Am I maybe losing my mucus plug slowly ?


Jennifer - December 6

Hi Ka__s, I'm 38 weeks also and have alot of discharge. I've also noticed the yellow / whitish stuff, but I would check with the Dr. just to make sure about the clear. My hair dresser was telling me just last week that she thought she was peeing on herself the last month of pregnancy and it turned out she was slowly leaking amiotic fluid. They have a quick test to find out, they just put a little piece of paper on the spot and it turns a certain color if it is amiotic fluid. Just to be safe.


Ka__s - December 6

Wow, wasn't expecting to hear that. It's not constant, but... still does


dew - December 6

I've had the same problem! a panty liner almost isn't enough. Thanks jennifer, I'll ask my OB about that.


kaitlin - December 7

I actually was having the very same problem. I'm 36 weeks and went for my group B strep test with my doctor yesterday. I told her about it, and she took a culture for a pap smear and also put that little piece of paper to check to see if it was amniotic fluid (it was clear last week, and is now more sticky and clumpy). She confirmed that it is actually a yeast infection. You should get it checked out b/c you'll want to get that cleared up as soon as possible if it's a yeast infection (and if not, find out if it's amniotic fluid). Even if it is amniotic fluid, they don't get too concerned about it if your baby's head is engaged. At our prenatal cla__s, they told us that the baby's head eventually stops the flow by blocking the cervix opening. But, you definitely want someone with a medical degree to confirm this!



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