Discharge Leakage

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erin25 - September 20

This morning I felt something come out and when I checked it was about a teaspoon of discharge. It looked like a creamy white.......what is this?


erin25 - September 20

Oh.....I am also 34 weeks!


jenna32 - September 20

i'm no expert but i find fluid down there has increased a lot and as long as there' s no blood with it i wouldn't worry too much.


frozenfeet - September 20

most women at this point, as we get closer to delivery, have a thicker and more abundant amount of discharge...it's called leukorrhea. It's completely normal and can be due to increased estrogen, increased blood flow to the area down there and is typically thick and white...and a lot of it. It's normal!!


erin25 - September 20

Ok I feel alot better. I was afraid I was leaking or something. This is my first baby so I am not to sure on everything. So if it is getting thicker does that mean I am really close to labor or does it do that for a while?


erin25 - September 21

Ok I know I was talking about this yesturday but today it seems like the discharge is a thinner, white watery substance.......I am so worried. Could I be leaking amniotic fluid?


Tink - September 21

the discharge is totally normal. i've had it for the last 10 weeks and i am 33w. the OB ran a culture on it to ensure i didn't have a bacterial infection and it was fine. if you are concerned about it looking like fluid instead of discharge, just have the doc check you. i had a huge gush of fluid after s_x twice in one week- and it wasn't urine, it was clear. she did a cervical check and i was hard and closed, so it wasn't amniotic fluid, just something else.


angiedk77 - September 21

I've been having the same issue and I called my Dr. today, he told me to come in so he could examine me. The only way to know if it's amnitoic fluid or something else if to be seen by a Dr. My Dr. examined me and took a swab of the fluid and it wasn't amniotic fluid. He said everything looked good and that it was more than likely just normal pregnancy discharge. If you're in doubt, call your Dr. and be seen. It's better to be safe about this.



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