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layla - October 19

I'm at my due date and I been having this creamy like whiteish discharge in my underpants(gross I know) it doesn't smell or anything and I'm not sure it's my mucus plug because it's not like jelly or stringy. It's more creamy. It's not like allot allot but it's still there. Should I be calling my midwife or amd I freaking out over a normal pregnancy thing? Thank you!


JB - October 19

It could just be the usual discharge, your mucous plug is, for lack of better words, like snot from your nose. It's really gooey. If you are kinda freaked, just go ahead and call your MW. I could be wrong. Good luck!!


Brooke - October 21

I've been having the same thing. I asked my doctor about it and he said that milkly white discharge was normal... But any color other than yellow or white should warrant a call to him. But, if JB says it looks like snot from your nose, isn't snot from your nose milkly white and creamy/gooey?? Not sure, wish someone more experienced would help us out!!


Brandie - October 21

I'm 30 weeks and I have that discharge. But I would still call your MW.


Ashlie - October 21

That discharge is normal, only if it is smelly, or any other color besides white/yellow should you be worried because that could be an infection. Your mucus plug will be like phlem, if youve ever had any. it will be a clump in your panties or in the toilet paper and it will be sticky and stringy and most likely could be green, brown, pinkish or even clear with some blood in it. Your plug shouldnt be creamy at least I know with both of my pregnancys it wasnt. good luck :)


amber - October 24

hey i think it is normal also because the other day when i just turned 28 weeks i had that, it wasnt much i heard it is very normal if it doesnt smell or anything so everything should be fine.



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