Discomfort When Sleeping

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Jade - June 12

I am finding that when I sleep, I have to keep switching sides because I will get pain in my hip and shoulder from sleeping on them. Plus my legs feel achy and the hand on the side that I am sleeping on goes tingly sometimes. Is this pressure from the baby or do I just have a really c__ppy mattress?


torbman - June 12

Sounds like pressure from the baby Jade. I think we are all experiencing that at some point. I know I have. It can get really painful sometimes. How long do you have left? Is this your first? (Tamara)


MamaKW10 - June 12

I have the EXACT same problem. I am thinking it is all b/c there is much more weight than normal. I am 36 1/2 weeks...what about you? My mattress really sucks though so that might have a little to do with it. I can sleep so much better on my sofa b/c I can position myself so my weight isn't all on one side. It sucks but it will soon be over & then we get to wake up to a baby! :)


Been There - June 12

My mattress could use some replacing, but I still never had hip pain prior to getting pregnant. It's the baby and your body changing due to the baby. Plus, remember those days when you still had two other sleep options: stomach and back? I think limited option haven't been helping. I'm a stomach sleeper. Oh, to return to my favorite position!


Mindi - June 12

I had the same badf pain since about 6 months. I am now 37 wks. and made the switch to an air mattress. We replaced the spare bedrooms mattress with it and I have had the best sleep I have had in months! It feels good because the bed kind of moves with you and you're not laying on a flat hard surface. I would encourage you all to try it. I love it, but will definitely be happy when I can rejoin my hubby in our king sized bed again.


Jade - June 12

I am in my 27th week with my first. Our mattress is good quality, but I think it is too hard for my comfort level. I am thinking of getting a foam topper to help relieve some of the pressure.


Mindi - June 12

Trust me, a foam topper won't help. We bought a really expensive one with our old mattress, it felt good for a few days, then I started huritng again. So, we bought a brand new mattress, felt good for a few days, then started hurting again. The inexpensive air mattress is the only thing that helped me, but maybe you'll have better luck.


Angiconda - June 12

I have also had the same problems I am 29 weeks and I have had trouble sleeping for quite awile now. I tried buying a new matress I was more comfy of the soft couch so I thought it would be best to get a softer matress and it did not help unfortunatly I cant offer any help as to what to do to get a better nights sleep other then to say I would not suggest the softest matress you can find but rather a firmer matress as I have read and been told that firmer makes the pain better. Good Luck!


dee23 - June 12

try sleeping on the couch...works for me.


jenn82 - June 13

I cant sleep at all these days, im 34 weeks now and i really dont know what else i can do to help me sleep!!!! it hurts me so much too


fefer1 - June 13

I"m 28 wks and have had a hard time getting comfy too. Achy legs, achy sides, arms fall asleep, b___t falls asleep...I have one of those expensive foam tops too and they don't work at all. It feels too early to be so uncomfortable! If it's not the tossing and turning it's leg cramps. 12 weeks is a long way off!


miraclebaby - June 13

I am with all of you and it stinks I dread going to sleep at night my legs hurt horrible and ache and throb I toss and turn all night everything falling asleep on me too!!! My doc said when it gets really bad to take tylenol PM .


carol23 - June 13

I used to have trouble sleeping a lot. We just bought a new matress and it helped out. A pillow top. It's still firm, but it's also nice and fluffy. We went on a trip not too long ago, and the bed in the hotel had memory foam!! that was THE WORST SLEEP EVER!!!! I couldn't turn comfortably. It wasn't even bouncy. Anyway, I sleep with a body pillow. It's long enough(or i'm short enough) to where I could bring it to my head and use it as a pillow as well as put it in between my legs. I sleep so good now. Also, I sleep with a fan on, so it keeps me nice and cool. The only uncomfortable thing now is that for some reason, right when I get up , it hurts to take deep breaths. Anyone else experience this?


Chrissythefairy - June 13

i get the same hip and leg pain i cant seem to be rid of it i just keep switching sides. I know im not supposed to sleep on my back but its the only solution. I always seem to wake up on my back anyway. Its really annoying. Im getting a new mattress next week hopefully that will help.


GLORIA - June 13

Two words ladies.....AIR MATTRESS!...Oh my goodness. I am in week 34 and lord have mercy I struggled with discomfort since like week 16. Then by miracle my husband set up our tent in our back yard for him and our boys to "camp out" in and they talked me into coming to sleep in it. I originally thought 'no way!' But then my husband blew up our air mattress and I came and slept on it. (3 weeks ago). Holy cow that was the best night of sleep I got in a long time. So when we brought it in the house I asked my husband to keep it aired up. It's a twin size. I lay on it to rest and at night when my sweetie is working night shift. It has good give in all the right places. My back feels so good. And I don't feel pressure on my tummy when I lay on my side like the kind you get from a regular mattress that doesn't have a lot of give for the weight of my belly. I still have to sleep with a pillow between my legs though. I love this air mattress! It is a back and side saver. Y'all should try one. This is my third preg. With my first two I didn't have the discomfort like this one. Maybe because this baby seems bigger and more active. Anyway...Good luck ladies...


Jody - June 14

I am 28 weeks amd have been experiencing alot of leg ( calves) and hip pain as well! I stretch before going to bed like I would if I was going for a jog! I feel so much better! Try it ladies!


miraclebaby - June 14

Gloria, that would make sense, because its letting your weight fall in the mattress not against you. Great tip!!



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