Disobediant Chee Chee

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chee chee - April 29

im eight months and my chee chees have not grown!!!! what can i do to make them grow...drink milk?


Kymmi - April 29

I'm sorry,,,,,, your what??? Are you speaking of your b___bs?? I don't think you can really do anything to stimulate growth. Why are you worried about them growing anyway? No growth does not mean that you will not produce enough milk for your baby.


Toya - April 29

lol Kymmi...


Erica - April 29

"Chee-chees." I gotta admit, that's one I haven't heard before! Trust me, if your b___sts aren't as large as you'd like at this point in time, they will be after delivery! All in due time, my pretty...all in due time.


chee chee - April 30

i hope your right, thank you


PP - April 30

OK then what if they are too big????? I have always been well endowed in that area but last night I went to bed and bra fit, this morning my gosh even my sports bra is not keeping them in. I have never seem b___sts this big and I am only 28 weeks. If they get any bigger I will need a stroller just for them.


Lyssa - May 1

Lucky girl, mine went from C to DD. And they hurt like hell...


Tarah - May 1

Lol PP!! I guess if you can't find any bras that fit you in the specialty stores, then just let them be free!! Lol!! I hope you find some support soon! Good luck!


Jill - May 1

The less tour b___bs grow less strechmarks be happy!


Toya - May 1

Mine went from A1/2 cups to barely B's...my areolas and nipples did the most growing! Hopefully my actual BREASTS will feel out during b___stfeeding. :)


Kaz - May 2

LMAO PP, That's Brilliant! I've bought a couple of maternity bras (or should I say "cheese keepers') like 2 sizes bigger than I am now at 36 weeks. I'm thinking they might not be big enough. There is no way of really telling what size you're going to need is there? Chee chees, that's definately a new one for me. lol


PP - May 3

Help there growing and they won't stop!!!! I am at a a 44 G. They were a 42 DD to begin with and i am scared that I will suffocate my baby trying to b___st feed or she may get lost and I would need a search party to find her. I want small b___sts. Ok well I think they are just where I am showing because my tummy looks almost the same. I can still my jeans from before and they are snug but the zip and b___ton without screaming and they are ok while I wear them.


tara - May 3

I can't imagine mine getting any bigger than it already is (38E right now) but even that bra is getting too small. I think most of the wieght I have gained is in the chee chees! Never heard of chee chees but I like it. I don't know how I can stand/sit up straight or breath easily if they get any bigger.


PP - May 3

Tara I second that. I have put on about 7 -8 lbs now and I would say all of it was in my Chee Chees.


Kymmi - May 3

hey Toya~ Have no fear, my dear. I wasn't very big to begin with (after three kids and b___stfeeding) either and now, at 39 weeks, I am still only a 36-38 C. You can't really tell much either. I mean, they filled out a 'little', but nothing dramatic. They will get a little larger once the milk comes in, but again, nothing too dramatic. Don't worry about it though, sometimes smaller b___sts can be a blessing!!!! Just look at some of these ladies here,,,, they are miserable b/c their "chee chees" are too big!! I would say the only real concern you should have is that your milk comes in and you have no trouble b___stfeeding.



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