Displastic Kidney

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Katie - February 3

They have figured out that my son has an multicystic displastic kidney. (cysts on his right kidney but left one is clear) It can be hereditary but in some cases it can just happen. In this case it just happened because there are no signs of it in either family. Has anyone else heard of this or know about it or been through it. So far we are waiting for him to be born to see if he will keep it or if they will remove it. Any advice would be very helpful and appreciated. Thanks


Katie - February 3



BUMP - February 4



bump - February 4



rikki - February 5

same baby boy due mid march so far kidney no bigger but still has 6 cystics they tell us ultrasound when born if no change he will live with it . no other info just a waiting game


Katie - February 5

To rikki does this run in your family? It doesn't in mine or my boyfriends. Have they named the kidney?


Katie - February 6



rikki - February 6

to katie yes my nan had a kidney problem they just say displastic multicystic on the left they say worst case remove it . but they dont like to operate on new borns he may just live with it if it doesnt get any bigger kidney 6mm bigger than other just a waiting game now ultrasound all good he is healthy and chubby another when he is born and 24 hrs in special care i wish i could help with advice , when is your baby due.


Katie - February 7



Rikki - February 8

could it come froma afew generations back i dont really know much about it best of luck on friday i hope news is good i would love to hear how you go and its nice to talk to someone with same problem as there is not much info out there i thought i was the only one my baby due 19 march no appointments till 20th feb as kidney no change and pee all good


katie - February 8

To Ricci Yes I guess it could come from a few generations back but Im the oldest of 15 grandchildren and Im 23 the rest are pretty much 12 and under. My fiance has a big family to and has a nephew and a niece that are 19 months and 1 so why would'nt it of shown up there? With all of those kids you know it just doesnt make sense.


bump - February 9

bump bump


Rikki - February 9

it doesn't make sense how did test go today i hope all good news. talk to you soon


katie - February 10

Hey rikki I had my appointment and everything went great! Kindeys not getting bigger everythings fine worse they will have to do is remove it. I found out that what he has is not from heredity and was just something that happened during devolpment. But everything looks fine and we are very happy about our report:)


Rikki - February 11

thats great news did they say what they are going to do now or just a waiting game like me im so glad it hasnt got any bigger that is a big relief for you both iam getting lower back and front pains not too long left yet just a long 5 weeks early would be nice



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