Dizziness Passing Out And Hot Flashes

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Allie - February 25

Hi, I am 29 weeks pregnant and for the last week I go through this stage where I get really hot then I feel all shaky and eventually after that goes on for a while I pass out. I have my CNA and when I checked my blood pressure, my regular pressure is 80/60. Way low...does anyone else deal with this and how do you prevent yourself from passing out.


Naomi - February 26

I have been there and they told me just to change my diet, drink lotsa fluids and to rest after eating. I am now 33 weeks and doing ok just have to sit if i feel it coming on! You will be fine.


Tess - June 28

Have you had your iron levels checked? If you are pa__sing out that is not a normal thing in pregnancy and i would see your ob or gp straight away.


Jessica - January 7

I know this is an old post but I have been getting really dizzy lately and blacking out to were I cant see anything and feel like im about to pa__s out. It only happens when I am at work. I am 28 weeks pregnant and I am a bank teller. I do not understand why this is happening and I am now conserned. When the dizziness happens I get really hot, Then my vision starts to black out and I get real weak to the point of pa__sing out. Please tell me what you think. I will be calling my doctor first thing monday morning. Thanks for your time!


Lisastar9 - January 7

Like someone said drink more liquids and try to eat a little bit more during the day,I believe it also could be your blood sugars are too low and this could be what is causing the problem.


rk - January 7

That happened to a friend of mine she had developed some sort of heart condition while she was pregnant. The best thing to do is get checked out.


ssmith - January 20

If that happens...sit down!! My Dr. told me that the weight of the uterus puts pressure on major arteries that bring bloodflow back up to your heart and brain. By standing too long, you put pressure on the arteries and restrict the flow of blood! Just sit down for a bit and it pa__ses.


margie - February 2

get down on all fours and let the baby pull away from t he main artery that runs up the back of your stomach--- and have gatorade or anything with electrollytes in it handy



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