Dizzy Spells Anxiety

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DaBonkElsMe - October 3

So I have been feeling some pretty intense dizzy spells, sometimes accompanied by "stars" in my eyes - like the ones you see in your perefrial vision before you black out. If you've ever blacked out you probably know what i mean. And I have been getting a nervous/anxious feeling over nothing. Like I'll just feel nervous, but not about anyhting. I told my doctor and she said if I am having anxiety attacks, i should see my general pract_tioner. I have not gone to him yet, because it seemed to stop for a while, but yesterday and today it's back. I am just wondering if anyone knows what this type of feeling could be symptomatic of. The baby is fine - according to a strong heart beat, fetal movement, etc. and my blood pressure is low - 90/60 and 100/58 at my last two visits. So any ideas or experience with this? I am 30 weeks and 3 days. Thanks!


redmondsky - October 3

So ironic your email went up today - I just had one at the gym - getting ready to work out ! It only lasted a few seconds and was gone....


DaBonkElsMe - October 3

Thanks so much girls. I always feel better hear ing that I am not the only one experiencing certain things. I am definitely keeping my doctors informed, and so far they don't seem to be alarmed. I think I will bring up the iron deficiency thing at my next appt. Can't hurt to ask about it! Thanks again!


jenna32 - October 3

this has happened to me twice to the point where i am seeing spots to, once i did actually faint for about 20 seconds. i think it is usually due to iron deficiency,dehydration or low blood pressure, i would check the iron thing out if you are staying hydrated and everything already.


synesthesia1821 - October 4

sounds like anxiety attacks, and if it is, i feel for you sweety! I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and get them FREQUENTLY, at least once daily, even with medication, If I were you I wouldn't go to a general pract_tioner to find out if they're panic attacks, I would visit a therapist. General practicioners don't really have much knowledge about panic attacks from my experience, all theyll do is give you benadryl and send you home, because they cant give you benzo's like xanax during pregnancy and if they offer them to you DO NOT under any circ_mstances take them. theyre absolutely off limits during pregnancy as they're known to cause neural tube defects. so the only thing that they could evne possibly give you is benadryl, which is what they gave me after i went to the hospital for a panic attack that lasted 6 HOURS! I would HIGHLY reccomend as I am someone who has LOTS of experience with anxiety attacks, that you go to a therapist to see if thats what it is. They will diagnose you with generalized anxiety disorder if you have it and refer you to a psychiatrist who can give you medicine to help combat the panic attacks THAT ARE SAFE DURING PREGNANCY. It could also be just dizziness from the pregnancy, but it can't hurt to find out, right? Ive had dizziness from both the pregnancy AND anxiety attacks, so its like its comin at ya from all sides. I feel for you honey, I know where you're coming from, and I hope you feel LOTS better soon.


DaBonkElsMe - October 4

Thanks, I have had anxiety attacks before. One in particular that I can remember very vividly where i actually did black out. But I haven't had one in years. I had been in outpatient therapy - with a phsycologist - for a year, just ending this past June, so I think he would have been able to diagnose any anxiety disorder during that time. What I feel, does remond me of the anxiety attacks I have had in the past, but I tend to think it's more related to the pregnancy, than a general anxiety disorder. But I don't plan on just ignoring it, I will continue to keep my doctors informed, and if need be, see my therapist again. Thanks again!


alirenee86 - October 7

Is it before or after you eat in particular?? I seem to have on a regular basis, every single morning after I eat a normal, healthy amount of food/juice, I get very light-headed and feel like I may black out or pa__s out. I've either pulled over in my car while driving or had to lay down if I'm home. It always goes away after about 30 minutes or so of feeling weak and dizzy and I believe it has everything to do with blood sugar levels. I have low/good blood pressure and just think the food in the morning throws off all of your blood sugar levels. I think drinking A LOT of water helps too, I"be gotten panic attacks before and think being dehydrated has a lot to do with it. Try chugging some room temperature water in the a.m...


alirenee86 - October 8

That's good., I worried about that test also and my was normal as well. So much that you wind up worrying about and you forget you have a few pound human being inside of you and that's why your're feeling funny things!



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