Do I Have A Right To Feel This Is Wrong

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bree_n_liseys_mommy - February 1

im 35 weeks preggo with my second. I know my babys great, but my mother in law came over today thank God we were napping so i didnt get the door. anywho i wont say whats wrong with the baby that was just born somehow related in her family but its awful not tryin to scare, any worried soon to be mommys . she wanted me to help her research and find stuff on what is going on. im about to give birth myself anytime! is it right that i feel angry that she could be so thoughtless and uncaring ???? (P.S) Please forgve my terrible grammer, spelling, punctuation


MommyMeg07 - February 1

It sounds terribly insensitive to me.... what did you tell her?


Danielle26 - February 1

Just come out and tell her it makes you uncomfortable. I'm sure she probably never thought about how you would feel about it. She'll never know how you feel if you don't tell her, and you can't expect her to read your mind. Good luck.


babyonboard16 - February 2

Tell her you're about to have your baby and don't need the stress right now


SaraH - February 2

I'm sure she just hasn't thought about it. Try explaining to her nicely that right now you need to focus on your own baby and that you're already worried about things that could go/be wrong. Tell her that you are already stressed and don't need anything else to make you worry. Your mil is probably just concerned about the other baby and hasn't even thought about the fact that it could be making you uncomfortable. Try not to be angry, I can understand why you're feeling that way, but it's unlikely that the inconsideration is intentional on her part. Just be honest and she should let it go. Maybe you could suggest –if you want to- helping her find info AFTER you have your baby and no longer need to worry about things that could be wrong.



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