Do I Really Need Baby Towels

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ella431 - November 29

Hey ladies:) I was going to buy some baby towels(with hoods) but then I got to thinking are they really worth it? Can you just use normal towels? I havn't noticed the baby towels are much softer anyways.. maybe its just the ones i've looked at but they look as soft as regular towels. What are you planning to use? thanks!!


tryin44 - November 29

I use baby towels. The hoods are nice and they wrap up easy in them, You don't have to have tham but they sure make for cute pictures all wrapped up with their hood on.


Happymommy - November 29

I agree...I like them because you can wrap them up and it keeps them nice and warm. If you go to a craft sale or know anyone who sews,there are some really nice home-made ones that are made out of a hand towel and a regular bath towel--those are the best!


DeeD - November 29

Ella, 7 kids later, I agree with you. I use regular towels. Babies are only wet for a few seconds while I dry them off and then I lotion and dress them. It really is not worth it. There are alot of other things that are really not worth it too. Just my opinion.


josie4 - November 29

I use them. They certainly aren't a necessity, but the hoods are nice.


Krissy25 - November 30

In my opinion a regular towel would work fine but since i got them as gifts i used them, but now my dd is almost 4 months old and they are almost too small to wrap her up.


ZenGirl - November 30

get a couple to have while the baby is little. the hoods keep the chill from their little wet head and the are softer after a washing :).. i loved them!


Jilloh - November 30

I had one baby towel with DS it was nice at first then he outgrew it so we just did regular towels.


Faye84 - November 30

Baby towels are a waste!!! I used them with my daughter up until she was about 4 months old... THEN she got too big! i like to be able to wrap her up in a towel but you cant do that with a 7 month old. I bought her her very own special "big" towels.


Erins Mom - November 30

I agree that they're a waste. Regular ones are just fine and last much longer as the little ones are outgrown really fast!


jennifer_33106 - November 30

But they are so cute. haha I have a few just because they are adorable. They have some with little animals on the hoods. I have a Koala. I think they are worth it on the adorable factor.


Happymommy - November 30

The baby towels I have are actually the same size as adult towels, except they have hoods. My 3 1/2 year old still loves them! But like the ladies have said, they're not a necessity-just nice. And all of mine were gifts, so you might get some that way too!


Gemini_Girl - December 2

Hi I think ones with hoods are because babies lose most of their body heat through their head, especially when they are wet and just out the bath, however dont see why you cant make your own hood from a regular towel :)



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