Do Some People Never Even Have Braxton Hicks

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Kathy - August 8

Do some people just go into labor and never have braxton hicks, or just never feel them?


S. - August 8

I posted this same message 2 weeks ago and was told that some people never have them.. or dont have them till right when theyre ready to deliver, I am abt. 33 weeks and havent had any yet. You may have them a few days before labor, tho.


Julie - August 8

I am 31 weeks into my second pregnancy and have never experienced them at least I don't know that I have.


Sam - August 8

I am 36 weeks with twins, this is my first pregnancy, and at this point I don't think I've had ANY contractions.


C - August 8

I am 34 weeks and get them all the time. I had a few questions once I started getting them so i asked a few of my friends who have had children, and 2 of them said they never got the braxton hicks.


Jamie - August 8

I am 38 weeks pregnant - I am monitored for contractions every week, and have been since 32 weeks...according to the monitors, I contract regularly, every 3-5 minutes, but I never feel them, except *maybe* as a dull lower backache.


Kathy - August 8

Thank you all for your answers, now if I just go straight into labor I will know that there is nothing wrong with me!


Missy - August 9

I never had a Braxton Hicks contraction with my son or even suspected a kick pain to be one. And when I went into labor boy did I! I was in bed and felt a trickle, then out came the mucus plug and the contractions started in less than 5 minutes time. Now isn't that unsettling? :D


Shannon - August 9

I never had (or felt) them with my first pregnancy, not a single contraction until I went into labor. This time around is much different I started feeling them in the beginning of my third trimester. And now I have them all the time, it sucks because now my contractions can be painful but not consistent so no baby. I wish I didn't feel them then I wouldnt be wondering as much if this is me going into labor.



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