Do These Sound Like Labor Signs

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MJ - March 1

Okay so im 37 wks and im 3 cm dialated, i've been having either contractions or bh and i've had diarhia (sp) and lots of discharge..sorry does it sound like labor might be soon?


JennyC - March 1

sounds possible....for your sake, I hope so!!! good luck!


Emy - March 1

it does sound like it could be! What do the contractions feel like? Are they getting more regular? And what does the discharge look like? is it mucousy?


MJ - March 1

I dont think there really regular ill just get one it'll last about a minute and then maybe 30 minutes or an hour or so later get another....and the discharge is pretty clear kinda looks like snot or something....sry tmi again...and what does being dialated do?


Christy - March 1

When I went into labor with my first I was 3 cm dialated, I had period like cramps (that did not go away and got stronger) and I also had diarrhea. It sounds like you could be. How close are your contractions?


34 WKS - March 1



pbj - March 1

When you go into labor there will be no question. They'll be a bit more intense and regular...but since you're 3 cm, it's coming soon. Good Luck


kats - March 2

hi it sounds like your in labour, firstly because your dilating and secondly your getting contractions even though they are not regular.I had the same problem with my 3rd son i was like this for 1 day before getting regular contractions and the reason i wasnt getting regular contractions was because my baby was posterior and if baby is posterior it can take upto a week to go into full b__wn labour, but i did my bit of research and did my exercises to turn the baby anterior after trying these exercises for 1 hour i started to get regular contractions every 10 mins.


Emy - March 2

I was having those kind of symptoms for about two days (2 weeks before due date) and on the third day, my water broke and baby was here in under 4 hours - super fast labor. So, the early stage of labor can take a day or so and one might not even realize it! I sure didn't. My water broke right after the superbowl and the whole time I was watching it I felt totally normal, just crampy, and had been having the discharge you are describing.



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