Do You Girls Think It Will Be Soon I M Only 35w S

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SaraH - March 2

Just wondering for those of you who've had kids or who know a lot, what do you think. I'm only 35 weeks, so I'm still early but most the women on my mothers side have had their kids around the 36w-37w mark (while I've been told there have been more then this, out of 15 kids I know of, at least 11-12 were between 36 and 37 weeks). Anyways, the baby dropped about 3 days ago and the last couple days I've had a lot of discharge (TMI: when I use the bathroom I end up w/ whitish chunks in the toilet bowl -sorry a bit gross I sounding I know) and although I haven't specifically seen CM the toilet paper has been really shiny when I wipe. I've been having BH's for most of the pregnancy so nothing new there, but all day yesterday and today they have been very very hard and all of them are the whole uterus contracting (where as before I'd most often have a few that were the whole thing, and then a couple that would be localized to half of it or the rt/lf side instead of the whole thing). I've also been having menstrual like cramping for a week or so in my lower abdomen and pelvis. Also the last couple of days I've been rather "sick" feeling w/o actually being sick. So, while I know that nothing is for sure and that this baby could decide to stay put for another 5-6 weeks, I'm just wondering what you girls think. I know dropping/loosing the plug ---if that is for sure what is happening?--, etc doesn't necessarily mean that labor is going to occur soon, but when you have all of these things going on...what do you think? Would you say that I could be getting close, or do you think that all of these combined really doesn't mean anything more then one of the symptoms on it's own? I haven't called my doc b/c she said they wouldn't stop labor after I was 34 weeks anyways so...just wondering about opinions. I don't want this baby to come before it's completely ready but on the other hand there isn't much I can do to prevent it if it's going to happen. Thanks


Kar - March 2

No, the signs do not mean baby will be here anytime soon. I'm 38 weeks and have been having all the same things happen to me for weeks, went to the hospital once as my contractions were 3/4 mins apart and nothing happened and that was at 35 weeks. Its just your body getting ready for the big day!!! 35 weeks is a little early but the baby will come when its ready, 37 weeks on you are considered "full term" . Baby could use another good couple of weeks so don't get to excited.


SaraH - March 2

Thanks Kar I'm hoping baby stays put until at least 37w's but who knows. --my luck I'll have all of these symptoms for weeks and go over the due date.


cindernar - March 2

SaraH, I'm 35 weeks as well, and I swear I don't feel like I'm going to make it much longer. I remember having Braxton Hicks with my son, but not like these. These are very powerful and sort of stop me in my tracks. They catch me off guard and I have to breath through them. I'm also having some back pain and occasional crampiness. I don't know about the mucus plus thing; I've seen white strings in the toilet, but that could've been discharge. I get nauseous every night before bed also. I also feel achy down there -- something I do not remember feeling with my other son. I get these shooting pains in the vag area that linger for a minute or two also. I know I'm carrying lower with this one, so it could just feel different because of that.


SaraH - March 3

cindernar, I've been having BH for forever, but these have b/come consistently hard and are the "breath through," pain in lower back, make you nauseous, kind. Not that I haven't had some of these before b/c I've actually had them a lot but I've been having way more of them. I've been having some of that sort of v____al/cervical pain too. I don't know if it's just baby pinching something off -which I know is common. But something I read also said that you can have some cervical pain when you start dilating too. Do you have a doc appointment anytime soon? I have one this coming Thursday and my doc said she'd do an exam then so...guess I'll know a little better then if anything is actually going on or not. Did you make it a full 40w's w/ your ds? Good luck on hanging in there --although I do have to admit that while I don't want baby to come unless it's completely ready too. Once it's ready I will be more then happy to have it. Even if it is way before 40 w's. :) Keep me posted on how you're doing.



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