Do You Poop Alot Before Labor

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Leahp - September 7

Hi ladies, I've been told this morning that my tummy has dropped a lot since yesterday and all morning I keep getting the urge to poop, I've gone twice but one was a false alarm, plus I've been really crampy and have had a few contractions but nothing regular, do you think she's coming soon??? I heard pooping alot is a sign?


Heidi - September 7

I heard once you drop you're not as constipated so maybe that's why you're going a lot???? I can't wait. I like NEVER go. I don't know where it's all being stored either! Scary!


Tara M - September 7

Hi there , I just gave birth to my son who was a stillborn god bless his soul. and i know exactly what labor is like. If you are having cramps such as period pain and have the urge to go to the bathroom such as needing to push that exactly what labor is like you feel like you need to have a good poop when in actuality you are in labor. the nurse told me when i was staring labor i would feel like having to poop and there is no other word to describe this. so i would advise you to get o the hospital and get checked. when are you due???


Leahp - September 7

Tara, I'm soooo sorry about your lose!! My thoughts are with you. My docs appt. is today and I'm 38 weeks, my due date is the 20th! This is my first time so I don't know what to expect! I've been having cramps all morning and I just tried to poop again, but nothing is regular, they still say to go to the hospital??? I guess I can see what he says at 3:00 today!


Sara - September 7

So, Im curious, Im due tomorrow and Ive been going to the bathroom non stop. Feeling like I got to pee but cant, or I pee just a little bit and then Ive had alot of bowel movements and cramps along with that. I go to the dr in the morning, so Im going to ask her whats up with this situation.


Monica - September 8

Tara I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. My heart goes out to u! As for the feeling like you need to go alot/if your going into labor; I'd say that's a sign. I was my mom's second child, with her first she was in labor for hours and hours, but with me I came so quickly I was almost born on the toilet because she thought she had to poop!! By the time she got back to the delivery room/table, my head was comming out! Just a warning for you, be careful! =)



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