Do You Think I Will Have A Big Baby

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Robin - January 30

well, I am at 30 wks and I have a friend who is at 26wks. I was talking with her yesturday and she told me that she has only gained 7 lbs, I have gained 25 lbs!!! I know that it is different for everyone, but do you think it is probable that my baby will be big? My husband weighed 11lbs and I weighed 8lbs at birth.


mel - January 30

how much weight you gain isn't an indicator of how big the baby will be. best indicator is what YOU weighed at birth....which looks pretty big! haha have the doctors given you any size estimates during ultrasounds? or when they measure your uterus? your uterus "should" (I use that word loosely) measure about 1cm for every week that you are pregnant.


pbj - January 30

I agree with Mel...I gained 55 lbs by the end of my pregnancy and my daughter only weighed 6lbs 14oz. I would say you've gained a healthy amount of weight, (unlike me) your friend will have gained more weight soon, at least she should. But yours and your husbands birth weight sound big, so that is more of a reflection of how much your baby will weigh.


Robin - January 30

Mel-I have only had 1 ultrasound and they told me that I was measuring a few days further along than my due date, but yeah, that confused me too...couldn't that just mean my baby is big?


shelly - January 31

I think it depends more on what you eat and not how much weight you gain. I don't believe in the theory that it matters how much you weighed at birth either. I have many friends that were big babies and had small babies themselves. I have a good example, my friend was an 8lber and her hubby was 10pounds 2 oz. She gained 75lbs during her pregnancy and went exactly to her due date and her girl was 7lbs 5 oz. So it didn't matter that her hubby was a big baby or that she gained alot of weight. I think the doc should be able to tell you by measuring you, but even then they're all estimates


Annette - January 31

Just yesterday I was doing some research about the topic. I found this article which is suuuper long but if you scroll down a bit, they list the factors related to birth weight.: To be honest, I am too pregnant to read it all but I think you might find what you are looking for.


macy - February 1

it could be lots of water


sparkles - February 1

Weight gain and the size of your belly are not always accurate indicaters of how large a baby will be. A family member of mine had a HUGE belly by the time she got to her due date and she had gained a fair amount of weight. She was, also, almost 12lbs. when she was born. Her husband was much smaller at birth. Her md kept telling her ithe baby was 10lbs. plus some. The baby ended up being 8lbs. 4oz. Everyone gains weight at different speeds and amounts. I wouldn't worry about it unless your md feels there may be a problem.


Heather L - February 1

Average weight gain is 25-35lbs. Don't compare yourself! Everyone is different! :)


Kath - February 2

Hi Robin, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that I don't think the two are related at all ie how much you've gained = big baby. The reason i say this is that I am 28 weeks and have only gained 4 kilos (about 10 pounds) but my baby is measuring in the highest percentile for its age. ie, big baby!! (No I don't have gestational diabetes either and I am not wrong about my dates!) I think the amount of weight you gain has most to do with how thin/plump you were before pregnancy, also to do with your health during pregnancy (ie morning sickness, what sort of cravings you've had). From what I've seen, thinner people definitely gain more, as presumably they don;t have the same fat stores as their thinner sisters. The size of your baby I think is determined by when it comes (premature on time or overdue) and genetics. I come from a big boned, tall family so naturally my baby is going to follow that trend as it has 50% my genes. By the way, I am a tall big person and I was 7 pounds at birth, my husband was a whopper at 11 pounds and he is just normal height, weight, etc. Genes have more to do with it.


Amanda - February 2

I don't really know what determines how big your baby is going to be. When I was pregnant I was not measuring big at all and during my ultrasound it was only saying 5 days earlier than my predicted due date. I only gained 40 lbs which is not a ton. Also I was 7 lbs 13 oz and my boyfriend was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth and when I had my son a week EARLY he weighed in at 10 lbs even!!! The doctor was amazed as he was not expectig this at all!!!


Autumn - February 2

Hey Robin-I am in the same boat as you.I will be 31 weeks tomorrow-and I have gained 25 lbs so far.Everyone keeps telling me that I look great,but I feel huge!My doc told me that I need to watch my weight towards this trimester because I am on the higher end of the weight gain scale.This had me all sorts of concerned.My bf weighed 11.5 lbs at birth and I weighed 8.8lbs(kinda like you)-but his mom had gestational diabetes,so my doc said that his weight doesn't count.Anyways -good luck,we are almost there!!


Ashley N - February 2

I don't think dh's weight has anything to do with it . . . . This is b/c my dh was 10lbs, 8oz at birth, and so I was a little concerned. But I noticed that his grandma had 10lb babies, his mom had big babies, and his sisters have fair sized babies - nearly 9 lbs. On my side of the family, my dad was 6lbs, 3 oz. I was 6lbs, 4 oz. I'm 38 weeks and the guess is that the baby is 5.5-6 lbs right now. I know one mom who was like, my second baby is going to be HUGE b/c her 2nd dh was 11lbs at birth! The whole family was hyped over this big baby she was going to have, her first baby was a little early and not even 6 lbs. I guessed 7-8lbs and everybody got mad at me for even suggesting it, b/c the dh was "built like a linebacker". So? My dad is 5'10" and he sure started off on the small end! Her baby was 7lbs, 7 oz. I just smiled and didn't say anything, I wouldn't worry!! :)



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