Do You Think The Baby Is Okay N HERBAL REMEDIES

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Emy - January 20

I am suffering from another bad cold, so I drank some herbal tea. I read (after i drank two cups of course!) that the tea should be avoided by pregnant and nursing women. I know that some herbs are not good for you during pregnancy. But considering I am in my 36th week, do you think the baby is okay from these two cups. The only two herbs I found online, that was in the tea, that could be harmful was eucalyptus oil and yarrow flower. Anybody who knows about this subject, I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!


Heather - January 20

Yarrow flower is a stimulant - thus should be avoided during pregnancy. So it would be like having a soda (caffiene) from what I understand. Eucalyptus oil like many oils should be avoided during pregnancy b/c of toxicity level. I would keep feeling for baby. As long as you only had 2 gla__ses, the concentration should be small, but if you feel the slightest bit worried, go ahead and call the dr - that is what you pay them for. Hope this helped a little.


Emy - January 20

Thanks Heather. I have been feeling the baby all day long. Well, as far as the yarrow flower goes I guess what I drank is okay then if it is only this one time (I have avoided soda and coffee this pregnancy.) And, it is eucalyptus leaf I hope was small enough not to do much....Thanks for your help. That is the last time I drink that tea!


Ashley N - January 21

Emy, this spring/summer I planted an herb garden - and ate a sprig from the pennyroyal I bought at Walmart. It tasted so nasty that I read the tag trying to find out what it was used for, couldn't find anything, so I looked it up online. After finding out it's not edible, mainly used for a natural bug repelant! I called the poison control center and this lady tells me that a teaspoon of the leaves could put me in a coma, cause me to abort, cause liver damage, ect! I was freaking out and my husband had me drink gla__s after gla__s of water and milk. I never felt a thing, maybe I diluted it enough? I have no idea! The poison center called me back in an hour to check on me and said I was probably fine. Next month I was pregnant. Did I ever learn my lesson!!!! Plus, the tag on the plant never said a single word about the toxic nature of this plant!!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to share my own story and I think what you had is probably much less toxic! :)


Emy - January 21

There is no probably about it! lol...What I had is meant to be consumed since it is in the form of a tea...:) My only concern was for the little baby inside of me, but it is eucalyptus leaf not oil that is in the tea. I looked online a lot last night and did not find much that freaked me out. Only that it should be avoided...but so much should be avoided in pregnancy it is hard to see how very dangerous something is. Anyways, baby is moving around today and all seems fine. Sorry Ashley about that scary experience. Glad you are fine. I think we are fine too but I will never again make the mistake of thinking that "natural' means safe!



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