Doc Said Not To Call Unless I Am In Pain

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Hannah777 - April 7

Hi, I am almost 39 weeks prego and a few days ago my doc went over labor stages w me in brief. She said I should not call them unless my contractions are very painful (she said when you are bent over and can't speak at all) and are 5 mintues apart or less. ?? WTF?? Excuse me, girls, but wouldn't that be too long of a freakin' wait?? I had contractions 5 minutes apart last week but they were tolerable, I could walk around and talk and was not in pain. But waiting until pain is unberable to call your doc?? Were you all told the same thing?


sphinxminx - April 7

Hi Hannah I agree with you about your doc. If its your first pregnancy and all she can say is unless your in unbearable pain to call. What if your water breaks, I was told to go to the hospital right away. Did you go over a birth plan with her at all? Do you want pain relief? from the sounds of it your doc should of spent more time on her bed side manners. What happens if you wait til its to late and end up having your baby on the side of the road. Plus as you said yourself your earlier contractions were 5 minutes apart and not very painful. All I'll tell you is go by your gut instincts, if you think its time make that call and go to the hospital.


Hannah777 - April 7

Thanks, sphinxminx, I think you're right. She did say if my water breaks to come in right away. But I won't listen to her, each person is diffirent. I also wanted to hear about other women's experiences... My doc has poor bedside manners.


Bonnie - April 7

She is probably saying that because most (by far) first labors take a very long time. But as you said, every person is different. I wouldn't worry too much. While yes, some people give births in cars (don't we all fear that? lol) it is extremely rare. You will KNOW when you are in labor, there is no question when it happens :) And if you are unsure, so what? Go in anyway! Hospitals get false labor patients all the time and it's never a problem.


Bonnie - April 7

P.S. For water broke and I had NO contractions. They ended up inducing me. By the time it started really hurting, where I would have had a very difficult time walking and would have bent over I was 4 cm dialated which is a good time to enter the hospital. I had an epidural before it got real bad and I was chatting away with family when it was time to push, lol.


sphinxminx - April 8

hearing you there Bonnie, my water broke first at around midnight I was checked and I was 3 cm dialated they ended up having to give me pitocin because I was not dialating any further 13 hours later, and boy did I feel the contractions after. I ended up having my daughter at 8:29 pm.


meme - April 8

Hannah, the thing is... so many women are sent home from false labor that your doc is just taking precaution against that. When she was giving birth, my doula waited 'til she was basically in transition to go the birthing center. She said she was literally on her hands and knees in the back seat (they had to take the baby's carseat out temporarily) dealing with contractions. But she got to the center in plenty of time, and she got to spend the bulk of her pregnancy in the quiet and privacy of her own home. I'm actually going to do the same thing, and hey... if I don't make it to the hospital in time, that's okay too. I really can't stand all the machines and interventions by strangers, but I'm on Medicaid this time around.


Jenn - April 8

this is pretty much standard way of going about it-which is hard for first pregnancies cause you really don't know what to expect. I sure didn't with my first. Even with contractions 2 minutes apart and bad pain I was still sent home 2 times! I think they figure, you could labor at home just the same as in the hospital-my doc won't give an epidural till your at least 4 cm and that took me three days of this. Like the other ladies said-if your water breaks-that means the baby is coming no matter what. Unfortunately, labor is unpredictable and can be longggggggggggg!!!!!


mom2b2x - April 8

When i had my daughter i was induced and my labor was only 5 hrs long . Labor can be unpredictable and can last an hour or 72 you never know .. i am now prego with my second and i was using the same ob but his beside manner was bad too and i switched and i couldnt be happier ... though this may not be an option for you just remember if you think you are in labor and go to the hospital you will nto be the first mommie to be sent home for false labor and for sure will not be the last .... also remember if you have anurse or a someone that is ugly to you while you are in labor feel free to ask for another nurse after all you are paying the bill and their check.


Camilla - April 8

I agree that first time labors can be long but when I had my second baby, they waited so long to decide that I really was in established labor, that it ended up suddenly being too late for the epidural!! I wasn't exactly happy about that. That's my biggest fear, that you start out slowly and suddenly miss the point at which they'll give you an epidural, if that's what you want. Besides, if you wait til you're doubled over before you go, you still have to reckon on it taking ages for you to check in, see a doc, get the okay for the epidural, and then for them to set it all up. And then..add on the time for the epi to actually start working..! Not sure if you're considering an epi but if you are, then I wouldn't wait too long. Good luck!



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