Doctor Or Ultrasound Specialist

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Kate N BabyTre - January 13

Good evening ladies. I am 37 weeks (?) and I had an ultrasound with a specialist 2 weeks ago because the baby only has 2 veins in his umbilical cord. They monitored his heart and his weight. The specialist told me an estimate of 6pds and 6 oz. and all of his measurements were dating January 21st. Yesterday I had a check up and my OB doctor told me that she isn't changing my due date from February 6th to January 21st and just by feeling my belly she gave me an estimated weight of 5 pds. If the baby should gain about 1/2 a pound a week the last tri master that would mean that my OB is 2 pds off of what the specialist is saying. I understand not wanting to change my date but to be that much of in a weight estimate is making me frustrated. Can anyone help me out with any advice on who or what to believe??? Thank you ladies.


Ca__sie - January 14

Hi... I'm sorry I really don't know the answer except for that I would think that the US specialist would be more accurate since he took actual measurements. Also I know my doctor refuses to change a due date unless there is more than a 2 week difference. Anyway the main reason I'm respinding to your post is because of you having just the 2 veins. I am 35 weeks and I have the same thing. I guess they knew that the whole pregnancy but I just found out this week. I was just wondering what your doctors told you about that and how long ago they told you. Also besides being concerned if your baby is growing, do they seem concerned about anything else?? I just don't know much about this and was hoping you knew something more.


Heather - January 14

Just a side note - with my first, ultrasound specialist predicted my baby to be 9.5-10 lbs on a due date of feb 25, dr stuck with due date of 5 mar & predicted 7.5-8 lbs. My daughter was born on her due date - 5 mar & weighed 7 lb 14 oz.



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