Doctor Who Doesn T Check For Dilation Effacement

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mary b - February 19

I went to my doctor and she said she does not check for dilation/effacement etc until the last week of the due date beccause it can cause unwanted infection and she doesn't see the point unless i'm contracting. Everyone else seems to have doctors who check at every visit in the last month? Do any of you have doc's who don't? I want her to strip my membranes, do i have to ask her? I'm 38 weeks.


HEATHER - February 19

oh, no Mary! Ive heard of many drs not checking for that reason, next week just tell them you have had alot of uncomfortable pressure and its really bothersome, and im sure they would check you then. Bummer!! I go friday and Im hoping to get her to strip me, Ill let ya know. (BTW we have the same dd!!!) How are you feeling? Im so ready now, ive packed my bag, we went for our maternity picts yesterday, he doesnt move much anymore so im ready to see him!


crystal74 - February 19

yeah, i'm 38 weeks 5 days and my dr. hasn't checked me. she said she will check me at my 39 week appt. how's that for being late?!!


BklynMama - February 19

My doc checked me at 35wks when i was tested for beta strp but thats it. I wish she would. When I was pregnant w/ my daughter, i remember getting checked every appt during the last weeks.


crystal74 - February 19

i wished she would until i read that it can cause an infection. so now i guess i'm glad that she hasn't. i will be happy if i go in this wednesday and she says i'm dialated to like a four , that would be awsome


danimarie - February 20

my doc doesn't check until 38 to 39 weeks. She says the same thing...risk of's uncomfortable...and in her eyes it doesn't tell her anything- you can be 75%effaced and 2 cm dilated for weeks or have no progress and go into labor the next day. So you're not alone.....


Sonrisa - February 20

I am 36 weeks and have been checked twice. Once because I was having contractions at week 32 and then again at week 34 because I was feeling a lot of pressure. Both times they were thinking I could be preterm. I am now at week 36. When checked at week 34 the baby was head down, I was starting to efface and I had dilated a dimple. I am surprised that by week 36 they did not check you to see if your baby is in the right position. Most of my friends started to be checked at week 36 and then every visit until the baby arrives. From week 36 on they go every week. I did not want to be checked before then but I was really afraid that I was starting to dilated early. I believe that I will be checked now every week until the baby arrives.


iemc19 - February 22

In the Uk you don't get checked at all unless you start labour - or there is an obvius problem...It doesn't always mean much - you can be dilated and still have an age to wait...


Faye84 - February 22

Okay so now im a little worried, Im almost 29 weeks and I have a drs appt today and They are checking me. are infections common? Or should I be happy I am getting checked early.


dot - February 22

the first time Iwas checked was in labour


ashleyb0827 - February 22

I don't think infections are "common" ... don't be worried if you're getting checked.


ShaunaLeigh - February 24

i only got checked at 36 weeks when they done that strep B swab... & ive been back twice since & they havent checked


Sonrisa - February 24

Don't worry... I got checked at 32, 34 and now 36 weeks. I had symptoms of preterm labor that is why I was checked..but I think if I would have gotten an infection from the first two it would have happened by now.


bernadetteoc - February 26

Honestly I would rather not be checked. I have had friends who were at 3cm for weeks and it was so frustrating for them. Each of the two times I gave birth before I never dialated until labor started anyway. I might have them check/strip my membranes if I'm past my due date, to try that instead of having to be induced but that's the only time I'd welcome it. Not just for reasons of infection but also because it's uncomfy and not necessary in my mind.


mary b - February 26

Thanks u guys, it's nice to know i'm not the ohly one..Good luck to all!!



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