Does Anybody Get

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jennifer_33106 - November 15

tired of eating? haha I cant eat very much and it seems I am always hungry. I feel like I am eating us out of house and home. I get sick of having to make meals. haha im just curious.


Tan - November 15

me too


tish212 - November 15

yes I can barely eat 2 bites of anything...but 10 minutes later I want to eat something else...I eaven get hungry at like 2am...but now I am ok cuz I cooked up tons of food last nie and prepacked it for myself so when I get hungry I can pop it in the microwave...and shopping is the worst...I want to buy everything but when I get home I may not want it any more lol....


HeavenisMine - November 15

Welcome to the club. I literally can't eat what I want, stupid GD. :( I hate that I get these big old plates of food and two seconds later the food wants to make it's escape after only a few bites.


babylove4 - November 15

LOL!! I wouldn't say I'm tired of it Jenn, But I get frustrated that I cant eat that much, My eyes get bigger then my tummy and also because of my darn Heartburn, I can't enjoy my food....I also found a couple of new friends "Apples"!! Which is good for me, But I used to hate apples, They help curb my hunger..... : )


redmondsky - November 15

Do I hear ya...I ordered a big pad thai takeout last it home - cracked it open and began eating and eating and tasted so good and I knew I should stop but I ate the container till it was empty - then I paid for it - for like 5 hours I felt so bloated - I ended up beached on the couch....barely able to move I was so husband and son ate dinner that night and I was still too full to eat anything....till the next day...


tish212 - November 15

amen to I get the green ones pre cut from our grocery store...I love eating them (and I was never big on apples) and cantalope (they sell that precut as well) which helps with my thirst. I know all about my eyes being bigger then my tummy.... when we go out I order tons of 2 bites and I'm but thankfully dh is used to it now.... but I can eat 2 bites of stuff all throughout the have been eating a bite here and there all day of roasted veggies


mama keya - November 15

You ladies are too funny, but I feel ya I went to Red Lobster because the bottomless shrimp (all you can eat), I thought I was going to be able to shut them down but after my first plate I threw in the towel, I was finished.


babylove4 - November 15

haha!!! mama keya, I love shrimp, I bet all the all-u-can-eat restaurants love to see preggo people walk in them, They know we cant that cantalope is my favorite & true it helps alot with dehydration....


babylove4 - November 15

we cant ***eat***that much....ooopps


Gemini_Girl - November 17

hehe! I feel like my appet_te has increased (mentally) but when it comes to actually eating, I cant eat as much as I used to! Also I can only eat what I really feel like eating, and its usually all the wrong stuff, it does my heartburn no good at all! You guys are lucky eating apples and veg thats quite healthy, i just munch KFC chicken, chocolate and cream cakes (not all together of course)


jennifer_33106 - November 17

haha Glad I am not the only one plagued by the need to eat excessively. haha I get so sad when I feel hunger start to creep in. I spend about half the day in the kitchen. haha How funny, about 2 weeks ago we tried the endless shrimp at Redlobster and I ate one lonely little plate and then we went shopping. No kidding, an hour later Shon was annoyed because I wanted Wendys. haha I just cant eat alot at one time, so i compensate I guess. haha


jenna32 - November 18

YES!i started to hate eating but i'd feel nauseous if i didn't. m about 39 weeks now and the last couple weeks my appet_te ha s gone way down!



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