Does Anyone Else Feel Like A Beached Whale

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Annon. - March 4

I am going on 37 weeks and I feel so BIG! I have gained around 36 pounds and I am hoping I don't go over 40 pounds. I often think about what I will look like after the baby is born. Scary! Anyone else?


Tasha - March 4

Hey I am 35 weeks and feel the same too. I have gained46 pounds or so. OMG!!! I often wonder what I am going to look like after the baby comes and the picture doesnt look that promising. I am just staying with the frame of mind that I will get back to my original weight and hopefully not look flabby. Well good luck. Do you know what you are having? Mine is a surprise.


Naomi - March 5

I think everyone feels like a beached whale especially if you were pet_te before hand! i am on my third and have felt like a beached whale with them all even this one which i am all baby! you should bounce back pretty well you will never be like you once were though! i kept 15 pounds with the first and 10 with the second, hoping this time i don't keep any extra!! hehe


Donna - March 5

im 34 weeks pregnant and i feel like im about to pop i feel like my skin cant strech anymore, ive gained alot of only 5ft and i wasnt a skinny frame at first so just picture me! alittle short lump! lol but im hoping i dont stay all flabby after it all.. because i can see the change in my face my arms my a__s my legs everything! even my bump has alittle flab on it ..i feel like c___p some days! so none of you girls are not alone!


becca - March 5

hey im 40 weeks and ive gainded 40 pounds its so horrible i dont want to be fat i liked my figure befor do you reakon it will ever come back


Naomi - March 5

probably not i used to like mine before pregnancies too. You adjust to your new shape after awhile.


Annon. - March 5

Well, I am having a boy, my 3rd, and I will really try to loose my baby weight as soon as possible. It is true what they say though, it takes as long to take it off as it took to put it on. So, the best thing to do is be happy the baby it out (when it does come out) and try to not pay too much attention to how you will look right after. It is hard though. But it is worth it. :^) The important thing is not to be too hard on ourselves. I mean, we have grown human beings here! We should have different shapes afterwards! Ahhh.... I wish it were like in the movies where right after the baby comes out, the pre-pregnancy body just appears again! Ha, Ha! Good Luck girls.


Kara - March 7

I am about 35 weeks and I have gained about 50 lbs I am 5*7 and was 135 lbs before I got pregnant. I feel like a real fat b___t. I am really scared I hope i can get the weight off!!!!!


Emily - March 7

I'm going on 37 weeks as well and have to put up with the midwife lecturing me about having gained too much weight (close to 40lbs.) I feel pretty helpless at this point, I'm not about to start running marathons or joining Jenny Craig...the hard work will just have to start after Joey is born. Hopefully chasing a little boy around will help.


Fabienne - March 21

Yep ! Same here lol - I've gained a lot already. I'm 26 weeks and I've gained 30 lbs already...... What comforts me is that it seems to be a trait in the family. We gain a lot but then we loose it fairly quickly - phew !



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