Does Anyone Else See The Problem With This

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nicole - May 21

ok so my bf is for the most part a good guy, he rarely drinks, never gets high and doesnt smoke. until recently hes found a couple new friends who are complete stoners and within the [past week hes gotten high twice. 1. i wouldnt have a problem with this if i were involved and it wasnt done behind my back, and 2. i wouldnt care if i were 38 weeks and ready to deliver any day. so does anyone else see the problem with this and why im p___sed off about it? im mad about it more than anything bc i used to do that shit and quit and i would think hed respect me enought not to do it, and it bugs me bc i could go into labor and he doesnt think about that before he does it. ive already gone to the hospital once with him drunk for some bad stomach pains and cramps, and i sure as h__l dont want to do that again. so am i being stupid for thinking that he shouldnt be doing this shit when the baby can come any moment?


Sadie - May 21

Yeah! my bf went away for May 2-4 camping. He promised to leave the cell phone on all weekend, but admits he'll be partying hardcore. I can't say I'm p__sed off exactly, but I am worried that I'll go in labor and he'll have no way of getting to the hospital. Plus if I do go to hospital, I don't want him showing up there drunk and/or stoned. I guess I figure I just want him to get it out of his system before the baby comes. Good luck!


nelly - May 21

i dont blame you for feeling the way you do one bit. i would feel the same husband is a very caring guy and a real sweetie most of the time but the thing with him is he is never home especially when i really want to see him and it sucks i dont care for him going out once a week at all but sometimes he goes 2 and 3 times and does not come home til 2 in the morning and it p__ses me off because when i say something about it he gets mad we have a 5 year old and i am due in 9 weeks. he doesnt get high or drink but he just wants what he wants and all the freedom in the world. and i asked him to go with me to go buy a carseat tomorrow because hes went somewhere 2 times this week and he said no. and that just p__ses me off to know end he can do anything and everything with his friends but want even do that with me. i understand how you feel and you are exactly right. WHAT IS IT WITH SOME GUYS?


nicole - May 21

i dont know. throughout being pregnant i have neve felt more alone in my life. i dont ask him to go to doctor appointments, but if i have an u/s i want him to go, so when i ask(a week in advance so he can tell his work) i get smart a__s remarks and he acts like its the biggest inconvenience for him. last u/s he waited the day beforehand to ask if he could leave a couple hours, and he talks to the guy he needs to ask and says its bc he has to go to some stupid doctors appointment im making him go to...WTF??? i dont make him go to any appointments so he can take off once a month to go to an u/s. but hes a good guy, he just expects me to cater to all his needs. my back is killing me and all i want is to have it rubbed, but he expects me to rub his whenever he wants, but i cant get anything in return. he wants me to cook every night based on when and what he wants, not based on if i feel up to it. he spends all his time at home on his computer playing some stupid game,and im left alone trying to vie for his attention. im sooo mad that i cant get my back rubbed when im in pain 95% of the time from cramps, pressure in my pelvic area, my back, and whatever else decides to come along, and he wants me to rub his back, and if i dont then he gets p__sy, but im the one who needs all the break from pain i can get and he cant even provide me with a simple back rub. and so my thinking is if hes this bad while im pregnant then i guess i have to prepare myself for taking sole responsibility for the baby when he cries and needs things done at nnight, along with me taking care of him during the day, god forbid he has to interrupt his precious sleep to help me out. im soo mad at the lack of interest he has taken in this whole thing and am even more scared at the lack of help i can expect when the baby comes in a couple weeks.



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