Does Anyone Elses Quot Other Half Quot Amaze You

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Christi - December 12

My fiance' seems to surprise me and amazes me quite a bit. I cannot help but feel so lucky. This morning I called him at work and requested (jokingly) that after work he take me home... make me a little bed on the couch with a warm blanket and a bunch of pillows... rent a movie... and bake me brownies... and omg... he agreed that it was a great idea and said that he could definately handle that! That's not at all what I was expecting... how sweet, right? Anyone else feel blessed??? Spill your stories!


K - December 12

My husband is amazing. I'm 27 weeks and ever since we found out I was pregnant, he waits on me hand and foot; doesn't complain if I get cranky and snap at him; and constantly tells me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am pregnant. I'm a lucky girl!! Sounds like you definitely have a keeper, Christi.


Ginny - December 12

Your post made me smile. My husband is great, thoughtful, sweet, etc, but he could be People's Man of the Year and still drive me insane! Half the time I think he's a moron for not reading my mind, and the other half he's trying to convince me he's a moron so he can get off the hook! Bless his heart. . . I'm glad he has a sense of humor.


Sad & Depressed - December 12

You guys are lucky and thanks for making those of us whose "other half" is LESS than amazing feel like c___p. I am definately not having the fairytale pregnancy I had always dreamed of.


Ang - December 12

Even though my dh has been out with the Canadian military for the past 6 weeks he stills calls me every night and insists on having his "baby time" in which I put the phone to my belly and he talks to baby. I think it's very sweet and I can't wait for him to get home on Thursday! Yaaay!!


Jessie V - December 12

My DH has also been great. This is our first baby and was a surprise( I was on the pill.) I'm now 3 days over due and I am sec. to be induced next Tues. My husband is very upset that I'm late and my Dr won't induce till next week. He keeps telling me he wants to meet his son. It's amazing that I think he wants me to go into labor more then I do.


kr - December 12

My dh has been great as well. He cooks and cleans for me and even tells me that I'm beautiful when I'm over here in my sweats & t shirts all the time!


c - December 13

jessie v, i am with you, i was also on the pill when i got pregnant, so we were surprised too. my husband and i had only been dating for around 9 months when i found out, and we had kicked the idea of getting married around (we are so perfect for one another) and two weeks after we found out, he proposed to me, and we got married on sept. 10, i am 34 weeks now and due on jan. 23...i am so excited. but he is an absolute saint, since we found out, he won't let me work, (i used to bartend) and he does everything for me, from getting me water if i'm thirsty, to rubbing my back or feet when i hurt (which is all the time lately) we are so blessed, i could not ask for more.....good luck everyone, happy holidays!!!!! (by the way, the baby has the hiccups right now, i think she knows i'm talking about her wonderful daddy ) :):):):):)


jessielouwho - December 14

I couldn't agree with you all more. My BF is very good to me, he does everything for me, I don't ever have to get up or lift a finger but boy does he get on my nerves!



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