Does Anyone Feel Baby Turn Around Completely

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Sydney - November 15

I'm 32 weeks and at night I can feel her turn herself completely around. At some point in the night she turns herself back . This far along it seems like she should be too big to do this and I worry about the cord getting around her neck. It's also a little painful when she turns. Does this happen to anyone else and do you think she is smaller than she should be. I've talked to the doctor about my size, (my stomach is smaller than in previous pregnancies) she keeps telling me I'm measuring where I should be, but I just can't stop worrying!


Lauren - November 15

My little girl did that for 2 weeks straight when I was 33-35 weeks. i asked the dr and they said it is perfectly normal for a baby to turn and flip up until 37 weeks. Don't worry about her being smaller than she should be cuz chances are she isn't. They keep telling me I am measuring perfectly. Last week (at 36 weeks) I had them check to see if her head was down and it is. Don't worry-its normal!


Sandra - November 15

I'm 36 weeks and after my little girl was lying perfectly for virtually the whole pregnancy, she has now gone and tunred herself around. I know exactly when it happened as it was quite painful, the doctor said it's not because she's small (in fact we're told to expect a 9 pounder) but because I have a lot of fluid left for her to move around in. People keep telling me "Your tiny" at which point I want to punch them, cause I feel like a beached whale. I'm hoping she turns herself back by 38 weeks, because I'm told there won't be enough room to turn after that, and hoping to have a natural birth as opposed to a ceserean.


Erin - November 16

My baby has been doing that too. He was head down until I was about 34 wks, but now at 36.5 wks he's flipping all the time! I actually am a little small. I'm measuring at 33 wks and I just had an u/s yesterday and the baby is 5lbs 13oz, which is on the small side of normal, but OK. I just hope that he settles into position soon! I also really don't want a c-section.



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